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Business Essentials > 18 Homes for the Developmentally Disabled (13 docs)

18 Homes for the Developmentally Disabled (13 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Management, Elder Care, Assisted Living, Alzheimer's, ALF

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Documents in 18 Homes for the Developmentally Disabled (13 docs) (13)

Form for resident to complete with setting up goals of where they want to be in life.

Who has a negative effect in my life?

Who taps my resources and how are they repaying me?

Who can help me achieve my goals? Choosing to Choose
List of community contacts for Developmentally Disabled care homes. Community Contacts Worksheet - Developmentally Disabled
The University of Memphis School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice CIT Center: The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) is an innovative first-responder model of police-based crisis intervention with community, health care, and advocacy partnerships. The CIT Model was first developed in Memphis and has spread throughout the country. It is known as the ?Memphis Model.? CIT provides law enforcement-based crisis intervention training for assisting those individuals with a mental illness, and improves the safety of patrol officers, consumers, family members, and citizens within the community. CIT is a program that provides the foundation necessary to promote community and statewide solutions to assist individuals with a mental illness. Crisis Intervention Team Core Elements
A description of the outcome goals for the Developmentally Disabled:  Independence, Integration and Productivity. Developmental Disability Outcome Definitions
free Example of Youth Field Trip Rules - great role model document Example of Youth Field Trip Rules
A list of Federal Resources for Adult Residential Facilities Excellent Federal Resources for Adult Residential Facilities
Free DADS LON Level of Need Form 8603 Texas Free DADS LON Level of Need Form # 8603 for TEXAS
From AZ Department of Health Services, a study on the use of space at Group Homes for the Developmentally Disabled Group Homes for the Developmentally - Use of Space
For small care homes you should keep a House Book
A form used to list phone numbers that will be used in small care homes. House Service Providers
Lanterman  - great review of the Regional Centers 40 year History Lanterman Regional Centers 40 year History
A form used to review and question homes for the Developmentally Disabled before placement. Although it is designed to help Consumers find a quality care facility, it is also useful for facilities to review their own business from the eyes of the Consumer. QA Home Review - Developmentally Disabled
A resident survey used to check quality assurance of the activities program. Quality Assurance Activities Program - ARF (Resident Survey)
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