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ProvidersWeb.com is dedicated to help Residential Care Assisted Living Providers meet essential National and individual State Safety and Quality Assurance standards. We feel our Quality Assurance Risk Management “QARM” is most likely the best in the nation. We provide audits for both Administrators and Owners. The entire QARM system designed to help keep providers from getting sued, and to ensure Residents are getting proper care.

There are 530,000 licensed care facilities in United States. Over 354,000 of these care facilities are licensed to care for 1 to 50 people. These facilities are usually independently owned and operated by big-hearted people. These types of facilities usually do not have access to the lawyers, consultants and the information they need to create policies, procedures and forms to help them stay in compliance, because it’s just too expensive.

ProvidersWeb.com provides the expert foundation Owners, Administrators, and Caregivers need to do their job. We help business owners give quality care to their residents and stay self-sufficient. Using the ProvidersWeb.com system, together we can reduce our Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance Rates all while treating staff fairly, increasing revenue and providing great care.

ProvidersWeb is a National Membership Care Givers Association, with thousands of members across the nation. Typically our members are owners and administrators of residential care assisted living type facilities that provide care for the elderly, the developmentally disabled, the mentally ill, and children living in group homes.

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