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"I have been involved in Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facility Administration for over 30 years. I LOVE your website- the info is easy to use, and comprehensive. I typically write all of my own policies, procedures, forms etc. but since finding and joining Providers Web...I have so much more time to Direct our Operations....We have 7 licensed Homes for the Aged, Assisted Living Homes in the state of Michigan - a total of +/- 700 older persons, many with diagnoses of dementia. Just wanted to say thank you for making this information available, at such a reasonable cost!"

Kathleen Garfield Sharkey
Director of Operations
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Business AdministrationBusiness Essentials

General business "How-To" including:

  • Licensing Process
  • Industry Legalities
  • Quality Care Audits
  • Hiring/Firing Guidelines
  • Required Postings
  • Risk Management
  • Important Online Links
  • Marketing
  • Learn to make more money
  • Budgeting
  • Payroll & Required Taxes
  • Safety Monitoring
  • Much more…

Existing Facilities, and caregivers new to the business will both benefit from this manual. The manual was designed to help Administrators stay in compliance in every area of the facility. Keeping control of every department is a hard job, but with ProvidersWeb’s Business Manual’s Risk Management Quality Assurance Program, your job will be easier. We have the tools you need to manage every department safely and effectively. We help you get in business and stay in business, and yes, we do teach you have to be more profitable!

Business Operation: There are quarterly tax reports to file, Administrative Policies which have to be established, ways of running your business to be considered. This area covers the core areas up need to be in business, and stay in compliance.

Business Administration: This section will give providers hundreds of easily accessed files including: Policies, Procedures, Forms, Hiring and Hiring Guidelines, Required Postings, Ordering, Important Online Links, Conducting Meetings, Budgeting, Starting your own Facility, Safety and everything else needed to run a facility safely.

This 2 manual set includes:

  • How to Get Into Business and the Licensing Process
  • How to Stay In Business
  • Licensing Inspection Prep
  • Risk Management and Quality Assurance Programs
  • Department Administration
  • Building and Housing Requirements, - plus ADA needs
  • This manual also contains many Forms, Policies and Procedures.
  • Legal aspects of running an assisted living or residential care business.

Added benefits include:

  • Proof of compliance with laws and regulations
  • Reduction in Liability
  • Audits and Safety Checks for every department.
  • Risk Management Program
  • Helps you learn basic booking keeping and how to pay taxes
  • How to increase revenue.

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