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Forms > 10 Rights, Culture & Beliefs (15 docs)

10 Rights, Culture & Beliefs (15 docs)

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Documents in 10 Rights, Culture & Beliefs (15 docs) (15)

Ca Suspect Abuse Report Form for Caregivers - Free Ca Suspect Abuse Report Form for Caregivers - Free
This is a sample of a statement the resident and/or responsible party and the staff person completing the admission should sign indicating they have read and understand the house policy or rules of the care community. Ending Resident Handbook Statement Sample
This investigative report was designed to help mandated reporters initially assess a possible abuse situation.

Use good communication techniques.  
Here is a sample script:

1.Start off with a friendly attitude; let the resident know you care.

2.Open greetings: Investigative Questions for Screening Elder Abuse
This form is a Living Will Declaration.  This is a document explaining one's wishes about medical treatment even if the person becomes incompetent or unable to communicate, however, a person does have the right to rescind the document at any time. Living Will Declaration
More and more people are using a mobility scooter.  As a care facility you need to protect the safety of all individuals.  One good way is to establish an Operation Policy for all individuals who operate a mobility scooter or motorized cart. This great document includes safety and operation, maintenance, and recommendations.   


Our Recommendations
We strongly recommend that you install mobility scooter safety mirrors on each side.

If you decide to take your scooter out into the public, it is best to have a horn, lights, safety mirrors, reflectors and a cell phone in case you break down.

For safety reasons we feel it is best to not... Mobility Scooter Operation Policy - Motorized Carts
This form may be used by a Residential Care, Assisted Living or Nursing Facility to assist an employee or resident in solving personal problems. Personal Problem Solver
This form used by a Residential Care or Assisted Living Facility details the resident's rights, such as being treated with respect and dignity. This document is signed by the resident or responsible party and a facility designee to acknowledge that they understand these rights. Personal Rights Form
Facility Form document for Resident and Family Councils  and Resident Council Rights for Community Based Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities Resident and Family Councils and Resident Council Rights
The resident handbook is a set of house rules that govern everyday living actions at the care facility.  This form is used as an acknowledgment for the resident or responsible party to sign that they received a copy of the resident handbook upon admission to a nursing home, residential care facility, or assisted living facility. Resident Handbook (House Rules)
A thorough check off list used for training staff of a Care Facility in resident rights.  Included are links to information on all rights.

Laws and Regulations:
~Architectural Barriers Act
~Patient Self Determination Act (PSDA)
~Americans with Disabilities Act
~Personal Rights - Resident Rights Part 1 Resident Rights - Staff Training Check Off List
Check off list to see if the facility is adhering to supporting resident rights.

3. Do you know what resident autonomy is?	Yes/No
9. I understand my liability pertaining to the facility's Resident Rights Mini Quiz - self check for care homes
A form used by Residential Care Facilities or Adult Assisted Living Facilities signed by the staff person who is responsible for maintaining and updating the Rights Culture and Beliefs Manual, documenting that they understand and accept the responsibility. Rights Culture and Beliefs Manual Responsibility Designation
A check list form designed to make sure your care facility is offering choices to the residents regarding his/her rights, culture and beliefs. Rights, Culture & Beliefs Choices Form
This is a questionnaire of religious and spiritual beliefs designed to help the provider understand how to better assist with spiritual health. Spiritual Assessment
Visitor Rules for Care Homes, Care Communities and care facilities. Visitor's Rules
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