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Activity Manual > 02 Activity Responsiblity (23 docs)

02 Activity Responsiblity (23 docs)

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Documents in 02 Activity Responsiblity (23 docs) (23)

A guide to policy for an activity budget.

At the end of the month all receipts and the cash log will be turned into the Administrator by the first of the next consecutive month.  If the Administrator has any concerns regarding any purchases, they will be addressed in a communication note. Activity Budget Policy
This document explains basic information regarding activity calendars.

Most states have regulations that require activity calendars.  Facilities licensed for seven or more persons usually are required to post notices of planned activities in a central location.  In most facilities a copy of the planned activities calendar must be turned in to the administrator for the following month for approval before the 25th of each month. Activity Calendar
Blank Activity Calendar ready to be filled out. Activity Calendar Form
Sample of what an activity calendar might look like. Activity Calendar Sample
Blank form on which to list contacts for activities. Activity Contact List
Section narrative on activity responsibilities.

Community Contacts and Volunteers
The Community Contact Worksheet is an excellent tool to help develop community support contacts.  It lists numerous community organizations, and includes many links.  When you find local community contacts, target them for recruitment in your volunteer program.  The Activity Contact List, the most important document to maintain, is the master contact list of everyone involved in your activity program.  Use the Group Activity Master List and the Individual Volunteer Activity Master List to develop your program.  As you assign someone to an activity, make note of it on your master list.  Activities that remain to be assigned then become apparent.  Be sure to add new contacts to your Activity Contact List. Activity Responsibilities
Cover for Section 2 of the Activities Manual. Activity Responsibility Cover
California State Regulations - Title 22 87579. Planned Activities.

(b) Residents served shall be encouraged to contribute to the planning, preparation, conduct, clean-up and critique of the planned activities.

(c) The licensee shall arrange for utilization of available community resources through contact with organizations and volunteers to promote resident participation in community-centered activities, which may include: ... California State Regulations - Planned Activities
A worksheet for listing community contacts for the Activity Program. Community Contacts Worksheet
This is a form used to list job tasks that may be encountered which will place care facility staff at risk of occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials.

The following is a list of job tasks that the Activity Director & volunteers may encounter, which will place them at risk of occupational exposure.  This list is not conclusive, and new risks should be added as they are identified. Job Exposure Determination - Activity Director & Volunteers
Master list of organizational group activities for interactive recreation, entertainment, and outings.

Complete the blank with the name of Organization assigned.   (The idea is to get all assigned)

Group - Interactive

______________ Adopt a Senior Library
______________ Airplane Show, Fly Residents
______________ Annual Fashion Show
______________ BINGO ... Master List - Organizational Group Activities
Master list for volunteer activities for one-to-one visitors and instructor/leader visitors.

Complete the blank with the name of Organization assigned.   (The idea is to get all assigned)

One to One Visitors
__________ Life Journal, One on One Attention
__________ Love Tag Program
__________ Walking 
__________ Sunshine Program
__________ Nail Care ... Master List - Volunteer Activities
Ideas on activities to raise money for the Activity Program.

There are many reasons why a facility may want to raise money and the activity budget does not always meet these needs.  For example, you may want equipment and supplies to expand the activity program, purchase a large item such as a kiln, video equipment, a sewing set for visiting grandchildren, go on a trip or for a charity. Whatever the reason a fundraiser can be a lot of fun and bring people together and is a great theme activity for the residents. Money Raising Activities
Form to keep track of petty cash for administrative, maintenance, and activities. Petty Cash Report
Activity program description and general policies. This document also lists responsibilities for the activity director.

A good Activity Program is planned and carried out by a care team of staff, family, friends, residents, and volunteers working together. The programs should meet the needs of the residents as the residents define them. In other words, the programs are done with the residents, not for them.  Residents need to be made aware of activities, both by daily morning announcements, and by the posted monthly calendar, as many ways as you can repeatedly inform the residents of the activity events.

The Activity Director shall be responsible for carrying out the provisions outlined in the state laws. Program Description and General Policies of an Activity Program
A resident survey used to check quality assurance of the activities program.

Do you attend the current events program?
Are your Rights and Privacy protected?
Are your safety needs met during activities? ... Quality Assurance Activities Program (Resident Survey)
Resident and Family Councils provide an important element to a community, residential care home or assisted living facility; they help to improve and enhance facility-wide services.

Resident and Family Councils help provide an important element to a community.  Under the basic Resident's Rights, these types of Councils are allowed. Resident Councils have been around for a while, however, most states adopted regulations addressing Family Councils after the 1987 Nursing Home Reform Act was passed.  The Act guaranteed the families certain rights.  These rights include: ... Resident and Family Councils for Community Care Facilities
A flier for resident council meeting notification. Resident Council Meeting Sign
Sign in sheet for the resident council meetings. Resident Council Meeting Sign In Sheet
Form to record Resident Council meeting minutes. Resident Council Minutes (Form)
Instructions for taking residents shopping. Includes a Taking Residents Shopping
Transporting Passengers Safely procedures - based on CA's procedures. Transporting Passengers Safely
Van Lift Wheelchair Safety Training Procedures Form Van Lift Wheelchair Safety Training Procedures Form
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