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Activity Manual > 08 Individual Volunteer Records (15 docs)

08 Individual Volunteer Records (15 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 08 Individual Volunteer Records (15 docs) (15)

Information on reporting abuse.

All staff and volunteers of this facility are required to report any suspected Adult Abuse.  Any staff or volunteer suspected of abusing any resident physically or mentally, will be placed on suspension, pending further investigation.  If the investigation establishes sufficient evidence that abuse has occurred, the staff or volunteer will be immediately terminated. Abuse Reporting
Guidelines on confidentiality and conflicts of interests.

No employee is allowed to become involved in a conflict of interest, which might in any way adversely affect the Company or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.  Circumstances, which are considered to be Conflicts of Interests, include, but are not limited to, the following: ... Confidentiality & Conflicts of Interests
Section narrative for individual volunteer records.

A file must be created for each volunteer that is providing activities in the facility needs to have a file.  The file needs to contain the forms listed below.  These form are self-explanatory. Individual Volunteer Records
Cover for section 8 of the Activity Manual. Individual Volunteer Records Cover
Residents personal rights.

II. All persons accepted to facilities, or the responsible persons, shall be personally advised and given a copy of these rights at admission.  The licensee shall have all residents or their responsible persons sign a copy of the rights and the signed copy shall be included in the resident's record. Statement of Resident Rights
Agreement between the facility and individual volunteer to perform activities with the residents.

I agree to serve as a volunteer for ________________________.   I have been accepted into the volunteer program, and I understand my responsibility to the residents and staff of the community. Volunteer and Facility Agreement
Application to be filed from individual volunteers. Volunteer Application
Form used to record individual volunteers assignments. Volunteer Assignment Record Form
Statement signed by the volunteer that they are in good health for performing activities with the residents.

I, _________________ hereby attest that I am in good health, free of communicable diseases, and have the mental and physical agility to handle the volunteer job(s) that I have been assigned to do. Volunteer Good Health Statement
Form used to list the interests of an individual volunteer. Volunteer Interests - Individual
A description of the volunteer's job duties.

Not Allowed:

Do not talk about residents, and always keep their confidentiality.
Do not touch bodily fluids
Do not assist someone to the bathroom or out of bed, only to be done by correctly trained direct care staff ... Volunteer Job Description
Form used by a care facility's Activity Director to check off the necessary documentation and training required for volunteers. Volunteer Orientation Check Off List
Form used to record information about an individual volunteer. Volunteer Record Form
Safety training of individual volunteers. 

Having a safe and secure environment for the residents, and volunteers to do activities is essential.  Safety considerations build confidence, security, and competency and overcome the initial anxieties related to participating in activities.  Please read this to the members who will be volunteering for the volunteer activity. Volunteer Safety Training
Form used to record individual volunteers time spent working with residents. Volunteer Time Sheet
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