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Activity Manual > 01 Activity Department (15 docs)

01 Activity Department (15 docs)

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Documents in 01 Activity Department (15 docs) (15)

Administration of the Activity Department.

The Activity Director is responsible for making sure the following areas are addressed:

Outing Safety
Driving Procedures
Emergency Plans
Activities for Special Illness and Diseases: ... Activity Administration
Upon admission to a care facility an Activity Assessment and Care Plan should be completed for the resident.  It is very important to establish and document activity plans for new residents.

An Activity Assessment may be required by the licensing agency.  The Resident Activity Interest Form was designed to give an overall idea of many areas that might be of interest to the resident. Activity Assessment & Care Plan
Activity binder setup directions.

Once you have set up the binder and folder system you will find you save time, money and frustration.  It will be easy to meet the mandates of the State regulations.  When folders are used they are used to maintain individual records for Residents, Volunteers, and Group Organizations, therefore there will be one per person or group. Activity Binder System
Narrative for the Activity Department Section.

It takes time to build an Ultimate Activity Program but the benefits and rewards pay in heaping amounts.   The important thing to remember is to make sure you have enough activities appropriate to the needs and interests of each resident.  That means you need to survey your residents and see what interests them. Activity Department
Cover for Section 1 of the Activities Manual. Activity Department Cover
Dress Code and Hygiene Policy for the Activity Department personnel.

The Volunteer Dress Code
Volunteers can wear street clothes, but for the resident's sake, it's best if a uniform style smock is worn.  Wearing something like a uniform helps legitimize the volunteer's Activity Director & Volunteer Clothing
A Pledge the Activity Director makes acknowledging their responsibility to meet state requirements.

The following job descriptions, policies and duties are those this company expects the Activity Director to follow.  They are not conclusive, and will need to be updated as the need indicates.... Activity Director Pledge
Definitions for terms used in Activities.

Psychosocial Care - when a person has emotional needs, or challenging internal psychological factors, he/she usually needs social interaction with another person who is supportive, and will listen and help them sort out the trouble.

Quality Assurance  (QA) - to make sure that a quality product or service is being produced Activity Terminology
An evaluation of an activity program for quality assurance.

At least annually, or more often if needed, the Administrator is to evaluate the Activities program for quality assurance.  The Activity Director is responsible for maintaining the following records. Administrator Activity QA Report
Description of job duties and responsibilities of an Activity Director in a care facility. This form also includes the purpose, good features, and challenges of this job.

The Challenges:
~Getting people to volunteer.
~Getting residents to attend activities, getting residents motivated. 
~Managing volunteers
~Supervising volunteer school kids 
~Compliance with all the state rules and regulations, and company policies and procedures at all times. Job Description - Activity Director
Overview of job duties and responsibilities of an Activity Director of a care facility.

Personal Abilities: Good Moral Character. Good Assessment and observation skills. Ability to multi-task. Good vision and hearing. Good communication skills. Clean and neat in appearance. Must be energetic, enthusiastic and with out going personality. Job Overview - Activity Director
What is a lucky Activity Director?  A lucky activity director is one who enjoys their job; has a great activity budget; one that has lots of volunteers; one that is able to provide lots of activity choices for their residents; one that has staff cooperation; one that has residents that want to participate; and one that never gets sued. Lucky Activity Directors - Free Information
A list of documents that should be kept by the Activity Director of a Care Facility. Required Activity Documentation
What is an Activity Director?  This article explains it all.

Ever been a best friend to 6, 25, or 50 people at once?  Plus try to plan activities for all your best friends to do, 30 days a month?  See all of your best friends every day?  Take many of your best friends on outings?  Listen when your best friends need to dump all their frustrations on you?  If you have, then you already have experience being an Activity Director. The Activity Director
Introduction to ProvidersWeb's great Activity Program. This document covers all the reasons a care facility should follow our Ultimate Activity Program. Note: A great activity program does increase revenue, and makes for very happy residents and responsible parties. The Ultimate Activity Program
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