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Medication Manual > 02 Medication Manager (53+ docs) > 01 Medication Manager 101 (19 docs)

01 Medication Manager 101 (19 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 01 Medication Manager 101 (19 docs) (20)

Behavior Modifying Medication Review Form AZ for community based care facilities Behavior Modifying Medication Review Form AZ
California RCFE Licensed Nurse Medication Requirements, Board of Registered Nursing Letter to RN pertaining to medications in RCFEs in California. California RCFE Licensed Nurse Medication Requirements
To avoid medication errors and ensure appropriate medication passes, use these necessary links to research individual medications. Drug Reference Links
Drug Regimen Review CrossSetting Measure
In this measure, medication reconciliation and drug regimen review are defined as: 

Medication Reconciliation - The process of comparing the medications a patient is taking with newly ordered medications in order to identify and resolve discrepancies. (Reference: The Joint Commission, National Patient Safety Goals) 

Drug Regimen Review - A review of all medications the patient is currently using in order to identify any potential adverse effects and drug reactions, including ineffective drug therapy, significant side effects, significant drug interactions, duplicate drug therapy, and noncompliance with drug therapy. (Reference: ?484.55c) Drug Regimen Review CrossSetting Measure
To avoid liability, it is important for Medical Managers to learn these aspects of drug therapy adapted from the American Pharmaceutical Association and the FDA. Drug Therapy
FDA News article on how the FDA was created, and the laws and regulations which govern the FDA's actions. FDA Promoting Safe and Effective Drugs for 100 Years
Links to Federal Laws that are related to medication including Food and Drug Acts, the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, Drug Abuse Prevention and Control, the Controlled Substance Act, etc. Federal Laws Relating to Medications
A form used by a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly or Adult Assisted Living Facility for the Medication Manager to sign indicating their acceptance and understanding of their duties relating to Medication Management. Medication Management and Acceptance
Cover page for Medication Manager 101 (section 1) of the Medication Manager Manual. Medication Manager 101 Cover
Training for the Medication Manager includes the following: Accidents/Injury, Adverse Medical Reactions, Mental Capacity Assessment, Behavior Monitoring, Complaints, Contaminated Wastes and Sharps, Cycle Fill, Incoming Meds, Destruction, Discharge and Discontinued Meds, OTCs, PRNs, etc. 

Included are links to all subjects needed. Medication Manager Training Check Off
This is an important list of the minimal staff training required in medication policies and procedures. 

Errors in medications can result in injury or death. They can also result in a facility being cited or having their license revoked.  Prevention is the key.  By properly training the staff that handles medications, most medication errors can be prevented. Medication Policies and Procedures
This important document includes procedures for complaints, contamination, destruction, missing and on-hold meds, narcotic lock-boxes, release of medical records, staff finger-printing and training, etc. and many helpful related links. Medication Security
This document provides information when working with a Pharmacist Consultant
An agreement form that defines the service expected from a Pharmacy including: defining medication schedule information for staff, documentation of dispensed drugs, fax and phone logs, individualized billing and year-end statements for tax reference, doctor contact records and emergency orders and refills. Pharmacy - House Responsibility Agreement
A form used to list the facility's pharmacy contacts, with addresses and phone numbers. Pharmacy Contact List
A form used to audit the service received from a pharmacy and resolve issues. Pharmacy Service Audit
A form used to list the facility's third party provider contacts such as Doctors, Dentists, and Hospitals, with addresses and phone numbers. Provider Contact List
This form is designed to help the interviewer review a prospective employees's english skills, if the ability to read, write and speak english is a requirement of the job.  Useful tool for Residential Care Administrators and Facility Managers of ALFs, RCFEs, RCFs, SNFs and CCFs. Read, Write and Speak English Review Part 2 - Answer Sheet For Supervisors
This sample Resident-Pharmacy Agreement is used to specify which pharmacy the resident and/or responsible party has elected.  It also contains other important pharmacy agreement information. Resident - Pharmacy Agreement
Form used as a reference for staff that handle resident medication which defines your state's medication requirements from administration to documentation. State Medication Requirements Form
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