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Staff Management > 03 Supervision Skills (26 docs)

03 Supervision Skills (26 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 03 Supervision Skills (26 docs) (26)

A free article defining and describing conflict with a four step method for dealing with conflict and problem resolution.  

A win-lose situation is not an ideal solution.
The problem with both strains of the competitive approach is that one person wins and one person looses. As a result, feelings may be hurt, relationships may be unnecessarily weakened or destroyed, and commitment to decisions may.... A Four Step Way of Dealing with Conflict - Free
Free anti-addiction information to give to employees Addiction Advice
A great list of examples of times you would want to contact the administrator of a care facility after hours. This is great to distribute to employees to clarify necessary after hour contact. Also included is a link to a communication note to be used by employees as an alternative to directly notifying the administrator about minor incidents. 

It is our policy that the Administrator be notified when a significant event occurs, such as an incident, accident, and/or injury to a resident or staff member after hours or on weekends.

The following are considered significant events:..... Administrator After Hours/Weekends
A free article on how to guide your staff through spiritual management to do the ethical and right thing. Included is a small poster on care giver ethics.

If you find yourself being responsible for the care and supervision of another human being, then you must make sure ethical care is provided.  This is best achieved by creating a positive spiritual atmosphere.  To do this.... Care Business Spiritual Staff Management
Basic training standards for care business administrators and/or supervisors of residential care facilities and assisted living communities to follow.  Covers the importance of proper training of all care staff and personnel, with guidelines to help define a training schedule for employees.  

Training is essential for both new and existing employees. You can update and develop better job skills, increase knowledge, change attitudes and adjust behavior with training. An employee who is effectively trained will become a valuable asset to the facility. See Staff Orientation and Training Program.

The success of your training program will depend on.... Care Facility Staff Training for Residential Care Facilities and Assisted Living Communities
A great article on the importance of good communication when interacting with employees.  

Good communication skills, such as listening, speaking and writing are essential to being a successful leader.  The supervisor must learn to communicate with employees, rather than at them. Important topics and issues should always be documented and the 
Company Communication Note form used, so that we may have a written record of the issue.

Communication is a two-way process that requires both a sender of information and a receiver.  The receiver's job is to Communication
A great form used to document communication, response and follow up concerning issues within the company. Company Communication Note (Form)
A free open letter Employers can post by the time clcok or on the Employee's bulletin board to remind them not to waste company time.

Dear Employees,

There is something I have been meaning to tell you for sometime. Some employees have good work ethics, and it's easy to notice.  The ones that do not have good work ethics, are noticed as well, and even stand out more.  Co-workers, bosses, and even customers do see those employees whose work is not up to par.  

Did you know that..... Dear Employee
This great article covers the skills needed by the supervisor for problem solving and making appropiate decisions in a care facility or working in a care business.  

To work out our problems we need to add love, subtract hate, multiply good and divide between truth and error.  ~Unknown

Two essential skills the supervisor must acquire are decision-making and problem solving. It is critical for the supervisor to build and maintain a productive working relationship with employees. The supervisor must be objective, fair and remain consistent when making a decision. Avoid taking sides. Look for.... Decision Making and Problem Solving
A great overview of when and how to delegate tasks, which is something an administrator and/or supervisor must do when running a care facility and dealing with care givers and staff.  

Delegation is a self taught skill that involves training others to do jobs or tasks you do not have time to complete. Most supervisors find their days are not long enough to complete all tasks themselves and will delegate certain duties to other staff members. 
Others might give up the position finding it too time consuming, leaving them feeling inadequate, and not able to do the work. The supervisor must come to the realization that..... Delegation
Documentation in a care facility is extremely important.  This article offers points to consider when documenting accident investigations, disciplinary action, job descriptions, and evaluations. It also includes forms for documenting events listed below in the excerpt.

Documentation is a vital tool to develop and should become a routine response to a variety of situations. Many of the supervisor's duties will require written documentation. Employee Evaluations, training programs, Accident Exposure Investigation Analysis , recording significant incidents, Disciplinary Actions, Job Descriptions, instructions and Company Communication Notes are just a few examples showing the need for good documentation skills.

Any formal documentation should be..... Documentation
California State and many other states have legalized the use of Employee Policy on Marijuana
A form developed for Residential Care, Assisted Living and Nursing Facilities. This exercise can be done by assigning small groups or individuals to answer each question and then sharing the answers with everyone. It can also be used as a work sheet for individuals. Knowing the answers to these questions can help improve ones character and self-esteem. How Can I?
A free article to help ones-self or employees with self-esteem. This article can also be used in group exercises.

Personal growth comes from changes, and positive changes improve self-esteem.  However, change is often uncomfortable and that is why we often wait for life to knock us down before we change.  Below we have listed some steps you can take to increase your self-esteem and make positive changes.... Improving Self-Esteem
A great form used by employees to evaluate their Administrators, Employers, and/or anyone in a leadership position in the organization.  The form may also be used to evaluate their own leadership abilities. Leadership Evaluation
A good form used to assess a person's leadership skills while working in a care facility or managing a care business. Leadership Self-Evaluation for all Type of care Facility Administrators and Owners
Free information about using various tools at your disposal for being an effective leader when running a Residential Care, Assisted Living or Nursing Home Facility.  

Your Personal Part
Be personally and sacrificially committed.  You can plan and carry out great things if you believe in what you are doing.  As a general rule, teachers-leaders teach more by what they do than by what they say.  Your traits as a leader need to include:.... Leadership Tools for the Job for Care Facility Administrators and Facility Managers
A great article on how to keep morale high, motivate staff and meet employee concerns as an administrator and/or supervisor in a care facility.  

The most important resource a facility has is the people that work there. A satisfied employee will work hard to make the business a success. It is difficult in the profession we are in to find innovative methods to attract and retain qualified employees. Managers are discovering that pay increases alone are not the answer. Employees need to feel that they make a difference, and that what they do is important to the well being of the facility. 
How do I motivate my staff?
What do the employees want? 
How do I keep morale high?
There are no set answers to these questions. To be effective the supervisor or manager will need to... Morale
As an administrator and/or supervisor of a care facility you need to have good listening skills, this article explains how to develop and improve your listening skills.  

Are you just hearing the words or are you really listening?

Words can have different meanings. Take the time to carefully listen to the speaker using paraphrasing as a means of affirming that their meaning is understood. Some of the reasons we need to listen are:.... Practicing Listening Skills
This great article covers steps to follow and tasks to be completed prior to hiring a person, and categories of Staff Supervision after hiring in a care facility. Supervision of Staff for Case Managers and Facility Administrators
A complete overview of tools and skills needed to be an effective administrator and/or supervisor in a care facility.  


Supervision Skills
Cover for section 3 of the Staff Management Manual. Supervision Skills Cover
I list of rules supervisors should follow.  Excellent training document. Supervisor's Disciplinary Actions
Policies, procedures, responsibilities and training information administrators and/or supervisors need to know when overseeing personnel in a care facility. Supervisor's Personnel Responsibility
Step by step procedures for supervisors on how to do a verbal warning. Supervisor's Verbal Warning
A great article on how to create a Team Work
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