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Staff Management > 12 Staff Training (96+ docs) > 03 Confidentiality Handbook (26 docs)

03 Confidentiality Handbook (26 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 03 Confidentiality Handbook (26 docs) (26)

Form to report any concerns a staff member may have anonymously. Anonymous Concern Communication
A confidential fax form used in a Care Facility when sending confidential information which is protected by the Federal Privacy Act. Confidential Fax
A Clear overview of requirements on how to handle confidential records and information in the care facility.  

Residents and Staff have a right to Respect and Privacy

a. Information regarding residents, employees or the business of this Facility is considered confidential and is prohibited from... Confidentiality
Cover for section 12-C of the Staff Management Manual. Confidentiality Handbook Cover
Confidentiality of resident information is a fundamental individual right upheld by federal law. This document covers the policies that must be implemented to protect the residents confidentiality and prevent release of private information.  

Individuals have the right to control information about their self. They have a right to control how someone uses their information.  This facility has established policies, which apply to those who receive confidential resident information. These policies have been implemented to protect.... Confidentiality Policy
Form used to log information disclosed to a state or federal agency due to a court order for an employee. Disclosure Accounting Record - Employee
Form used to log information disclosed to a state or federal agency due to a court order for a resident. Disclosure Accounting Record - Resident
An employee wishing to inspect his or her personnel records maintained by the care facility, or to authorize another person to inspect the employee's file needs to submit this form for approval. Employee Records Access Release Form
A form used by a Care Facility to verify the security of a fax number to ensure a residents confidential information is protected. Fax Security Verification (Form)
Free Care Staff Training on Skin Exposure OSHA Source

Excerpt: Free Care Staff Training on Skin Exposure OSHA Source
Free HIPAA Privacy Rule Training Free HIPAA Privacy Rule Training
Free HIPAA Protected Information Training Free HIPAA Protected Information Training
The general rules of the Confidentiality of Information Act prohibit the dissemination of records to unauthorized persons.  This great article covers obtaining permission to access the resident's medical records by using a Release of Records Form. 

This clause gives you some authorization to get information, however, most health care providers will require a written authorization form. These types of forms are getting much more... Getting Access to Resident Records Including HIV
Resource links for HIPAA (The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act). HIPAA Agreements
The facility's responsibilities under HIPAA (The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) is covered in this document. 

Responsibility for Confidentiality Handbook

An appointed employee should be given the responsibilities of making sure the company Confidentiality Handbook is kept up to date, along with being responsible for enforcement of the company's policies and procedures.

The current person designated for this job is: ______________________________. HIPAA and Protecting Privacy Rights
This form defines the rights of residents to be treated with diginity, respect and their personal rights upheld.  This form is read and signed by the staff memebers that they understand these rights. Personal Rights - Employee Acknowledgment
This document/form covers privacy rights and employees responsibilities about the disclosure of medical information. 

Denial of access
The facility may decline to grant access to records if the physical or physiological condition of the resident would be jeopardized. In this event, the individual has the right to designate a licensed medical practitioner or psychologist to examine the records. Privacy Notice for Community Based Care Homes
This great document explains employers requirements to have procedures in place to protect the employee's confidentiality and prevent release of medical information, personal, and certain employment information (such as Social Security Number, HIV status, etc.). 

Under the Privacy Act the release of certain personal employment information, especially medical information, without authorized permission is generally prohibited. Employers are required to have procedures to protect the employee's confidentiality and prevent release of medical information, personal information (such as SS#) and certain employment information.  Employers also have the right to.... Releasing Employee Records, Information and HIV
A resident wishing to inspect his/her personal records that are maintained by the care facility or who wants to authorize another person to inspect the resident's file, need to complete some type of Resident Records Release Form.  This document explains the basics. Releasing Resident Record Information
This document provides a general list of persons who have access to a resident's personal records in a care facility.

Resident Activity Record
~Activity Director
~Facility Manager
~State Licensing
~Resident's Physician 
~Resident's Home Health Nurses and Therapists
~Resident's Responsible Party as specified on the Admission Agreement Resident Records Access
This form is used to authorize access to a resident's confidential records kept by the Community Based Care Facility and must be signed by the resident or their responsible party. Resident Records Access and Release Form
This form insures the resident know of their rights to medical record privacy.

The federal law protects the Right to Privacy.  The Medical Records Confidentiality Act of 1995 ensures that all 50 states adopt a uniform policy for protecting the confidentiality of medical records. State's Authority to Review the Resident's Record
This form is used by Care Facility Staff to have the resident authorize a request so that the facility can obtain specially protected information.  This form must be signed by the resident or their responsible party. Super Confidential Information Release Form
Telephone Rules for Care Givers excerpt:
The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act Telephone Rules for Care Givers
This great document provides links to the Federal Medical Records Confidentiality Act of 1995. The Medical Records Confidentiality Act of 1995
This great document covers how to handle confidential issues and conflicts of interest when dealing with volunteers. 

Conflict of Interest:
No volunteer is allowed to become involved in a conflict of interest, which might in any way adversely affect the Company or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates.  Circumstances, which are considered to be Conflicts of Interests, include, but are not limited to, the following: Volunteer Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interests
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