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Staff Management > 12 Staff Training (96+ docs) > 04 Universal Precautions Handbook (95 docs) > 02 Training and Recordkeeping Requirements (14 docs)

02 Training and Recordkeeping Requirements (14 docs)

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Documents in 02 Training and Recordkeeping Requirements (14 docs) (14)

This great document defines the company policy to deal fairly with employees who have contracted an aids virus-related condition.

Because of the nature of the job, we understand the necessity for understanding and compassion when dealing with life threatening conditions.  We will respect the employee's right for confidentiality concerning medical records and condition, as stated for all employees. Company Policy on AIDS
This document outlines how the Safety Manager will make sure the Medical Records of all employees who have occupational exposure are maintained in accordance with the record access requirements of 29 CFR 1910.20. Employee Medical Records
Free Staff Training Information on CDC's Eye Safety and Protection great resource for training care facility staff - free inservice training information for all types of care facilities. Free Care Staff Training Information on CDC's Eye Safety and Protection
This form must be signed by any care facility employee who declines to receive a Hepatitis B vaccination. Hepatitis B Declination Statement for Care Facilities FORM
This form documents that the employee understands the OSHA bloodborne requirements, policy and procedures. OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Training Final Checklist
This is a free listing of OSHA requirements for record keeping for care businesses. OSHA Record Keeping Requirements helpful for Care Businesses
This free document covers the OSHA requirements for incident reporting.  Within 24 hours, employers must report to OSHA work-related or suspected work-related fatalities, serious injuries or illnesses.  

OSHA 200 Log 
The OSHA 200 log is required to be completed, by all employers, which had 10 or more employees during the past year. The government uses the log to gather statistics in worker related injuries.  Both state and federal law require... OSHA Requirements for Incident Reporting
A free definition and list of OSHA regulations for training records. OSHA Training Records
This free document contains information stating that the employer shall comply with the requirements involving transfer of records set forth in 29 CFR 1910.1020(h). OSHA Transfer of Records
Cover for section 12-D-2 of the Staff Management Manual. Training & Recordkeeping Requirements Cover
This form is used to document universal precautions training of care facility staff, with instructor summary. Universal Precautions In-Service Training Record for Care Facilities
Test for care facility or care business employees to determine knowledge about universal precautions policy and procedures.

1. Explain the main types of personal protection equipment
1.	_________________
2.	_________________
3.	_________________
4.	_________________
5.	_________________

2. What steps do you take if you are accidentally exposed to bloodborne pathogens or potentially infectious body fluids? Universal Precautions Test for care Facility and Care Business Employees
This form is used to determine that the care facility or care business employee understands the regulations, policy and procedures concerning Universal Precautions, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Infectious Diseases. Universal Precautions Training Check Off List for Care Facilities
This great document is about the required topics and time frame for training care facility employees on Universal Precautions policy and procedures with a helpful link.

All staff must receive Universal Precaution Training within the first 10 days of employment.  The Safety Manager or the assigned trainer will review and procedurally train all new employees in all the following areas:

1. A copy of the regulatory text... Universal Precautions Training for Care Facility Employees
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