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Staff Management > 14 Employee Use Forms (31 docs)

14 Employee Use Forms (31 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 14 Employee Use Forms (31 docs) (31)

A free form developed for employees to get to know themselves and others better. About You
A form used in community based care homes and various types of assisted living facilities to report accidents, incidents, and/or injury to an employee. Accident Incident Injury Report Form - Employee
Form to report any concerns a staff member may have anonymously. Anonymous Concern Communication
This form is used to request time off due to death in the family. Bereavement Leave Form
This form is used to report exposure to any pathogens, such as blood. Care Facility Exposure Report Form
This form is used when filing a discrimination or harassment claim. Designed for various types of community based care businesses. Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment Form
Communication and suggestion form used by employee's regarding unsafe conditions and/or occupational health concerns. Employee Safety Communication and Suggestion Form
A survey which is completed by the employee to let the owner determine how well they are doing and if there are any problems that need to be corrected.  This gives the employee a chance to voice their opinion and share ideas. Employee Satisfaction Survey
Form used for employees to provide suggestions to facility administration. Employee Suggestion Form
Cover for section 14 of the Staff Management Manual. Employee Use Forms Cover
A sample letter of disclosure from the employee's that he/she are dating another employee. Employees Sample Letter of Disclosure
This form enables the staff to evaluate his/her employer and company. Employer Evaluation
A helpful form which is used as an agreement for scheduling flexible work-time arrangement week(s), covers an entire month. Flexible Work - Time Arrangement - One Month Agreement
This form is used when an employee is requesting to work a flexible work schedule. Flexible Work - Time Proposal
This form is submitted by the employee when requesting a leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). FMLA Leave Form
A form developed for Residential Care, Assisted Living and Nursing Facilities. This exercise can be done by assigning small groups or individuals to answer each question and then sharing the answers with everyone. It can also be used as a work sheet for individuals. Knowing the answers to these questions can help improve ones character and self-esteem. How Can I?
A form used to track communication and phone calls regarding incidents that concern the care business or care facility in general. Incident Call and Communication Log - Company
This great form was created by ProvidersWeb to allow administrators to evaluate their in-services with staff feedback. In-Service Evaluation
A great form used by employees to evaluate their Administrators, Employers, and/or anyone in a leadership position in the organization.  The form may also be used to evaluate their own leadership abilities. Leadership Evaluation
This form is used when an employee has a planned absence. Leave of Absence Request Form
This form is used to track long distance calls made from the facility phones by staff and residents. Long Distance Telephone Call Log
This form is used to request repairs needed in the facility. Maintenance Repair Request (Form)
This form is used when an employee is requesting authorization to work a 2nd job outside their present employment. Outside Employment Request Form
This form is used for approval of overtime. Overtime Consent Form
This form authorizes the employer to take specific deductions from the employees paycheck. Payroll Deduction Form
This form is submitted by an employee when requesting an advance on their paycheck from petty cash. Petty Cash Advance Form
This form is used to request special accommodations for disabled workers and staff. Reasonable Accommodation Request Form
This form is submitted by an employee for reimbursement cost when using their personal car for facility business. Reimbursement for Mileage Form
This is a form submitted by the employee for approval of requested vacation days. Request for Vacation Form
Form used to make sure employee complies with policies and procedures when taking residents out on their own time. Voluntary Outings by Employee
Form used to keep track of staff duties and work performed within the care facility during the day. Work Time Report - Daily
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