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Care Services > 03 Direct Care (225 docs) > 03 Fall Prevention (35) docs)

03 Fall Prevention (35) docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 03 Fall Prevention (35) docs) (35)

The Falls Management Program: A Quality Improvement Initiative for Nursing Facilities - free documents on falls AHRQ Falls Management Program
This Free Berg Balance Scale & Scoring is used to help determine the fall risk level. Berg Balance Scale & Scoring
Free Berg Balance Scale Fall Assessment Test - a test to help determine fall risk level. Berg Balance Scale Fall Assessment Test
Costs of Falls Among Older Adults.  This information is about the cost of falls on medicare. Costs of Falls Among Older Adults
Falls happen frequently in community-based care homes.  Elderly residents may fall even more frequently, and they often need extra protection to guard against falls.  If a fall should occur, staff should not move the resident until a proper assessment can be done. This document is designed to help train facility care staff and guide staff through the basic assessment steps to take after someone has fallen.

If the resident is bleeding severely, or the situation is life-threatening call 911 immediately, then apply first aid, check to make sure the airway is open and they are breathing okay, then take the pulse (circulation) - touching the resident usually gives them comfort.  Ask the resident how he or she is doing, determine if there has been any loss of cognitive abilities, if so, call 911.  

If the resident hit their head, they will need to get medical attention to rule out any unseen head injuries.  As you are assessing Fall and Injury Procedures for training caregivers
This Fall Care Standard Ebook was designed for residential care homes, assisted living facilities, and other types of community based care homes.  There are 263 pages, including many forms and lots of important information to help build a solid fall care standard program. Fall Care Standards Ebook - 263 pages, fall prevention, fall tracking records & more
Community-based (RCFs, ALFs, and RCFEs) care is different from that of Skilled Nursing Facilities and hospitals.  ProvidersWeb recommends the fall severity levels in this document for standard and documentation purposes in community-based care: Fall Classification Levels - to rate severity level of fall for Community Based Care
This Form is used to document specific information about a resident's fall.  It can help the fall investigator in finding our more details about the fall. Used for nursing homes, residential care facilities, assisted living communities, homes for the mentally ill, homes for the developmentally disabled. Fall Investigation Report for community based residential care homes
This document lists the common care and supervision services for low, moderate and high risk falls.  Great tool for home and community care staff to use as part of a fall prevention program. Used for care facility staff training on falls. Fall Precaution Care & Supervision Levels
This free document reviews basic fall standards. Falls do occur frequently among vulnerable populations in assisted living facilities, residential care homes, and nursing homes.  That is why every care home needs to have a full fledge fall prevention program that meets the needs of their resident(s).  Falls are nothing to ignore and a serious fall can be fatal. Fall Prevention - Fall Detection
Fall prevention and safety check list to audit your facility or residential care home. Fall Prevention and Safety Check Off List for care facilities and assisted living communities
Cover sheet Fall Prevention Cover
This Fall Prevention Management Review is designed to assist owners and administrators in reviewing the results of various reports and fall tracking information.  It is designed to help analyze Fall Prevention Management Plans. Fall Prevention Management Review for Community Based Care
Fall Risk Statement Example for Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities, check with state law and your legal advisor before using a Fall Risk Addendum.

An example of a Fall Risk Addendum made part of an Admission Agreement.

Fall Risk Addendum
This free document contains links to various fall risk assessments that are commonly used to help determine a person's fall risk level. Resident Fall Assessments include:
Dynamic Gait Index  - 
Tinetti Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment (POMA) 
VA's Get Up and Go Test  
Berg Balance Scale (BBS) 
Activities-specific Balance Confidence (ABC) Scale 

Other Helpful ProvidersWeb Documents: Resident Fall Prevention Care Plan,  Post Fall Management Plan Fall Risk Assessments - For Community Based Care
This document contains different size fall risk symbols to help care providers better identify their fall risks residents. Fall Risk Signage for Community Based Care
There are many medications that may suppress thought processes and/or that may impact the resident's balance and increase their risk of falling.  These medications include anti-depressives, psychotropics, narcotics, sedatives, hypnotics, tranquilizers, anti-hypertensives, laxatives and enemas.  This document contain a list of commonly used medications that can cause falls. Fall Side Effects from Medications
Fall Care Standards: The standard of care for residential care and assisted living facilities pertaining to falls requires: 1) the resident?s physician each time the resident falls, for the doctor has ultimate authority over the resident?s medical care;  2) the facility is to notify the responsible party each time the resident falls; 3) document and track all falls; 4) increase overall supervision and exercise; 5) request medical professionals to conduct assessments to determine causes of the fall(s); 6) provide a fall safe environment; 7) upgrade the care plan with the responsible party and medical providers to meet the resident?s specific fall prevention and care needs; 8) train the staff to carry out the updated care plan. Falls in Home and Community Based Care Facilities
Falls happen in care facilities all the time and staff need to try and prevent falls.  RCFE, ALF, ARF staff need to call the Home Health agency if a resident has an unusual fall so that they can be evaluated and a care plan can be developed to meet the resident?s needs. Falls Prevention Interventions
Falls don't Falls Quick Facts Sheet
Free information from the FDA on ways to prevent falls. great for home care and all types of caregivers. FDA Ways to Prevent Falls
Free CARE Equipment Safety Checklist Free CARE Equipment Safety Checklist
Free Fall Prevention Home Safety List - from Minniesota Safety Council - What You Can Do To Prevent Falls Free Fall Prevention Home Safety List
Free Fall Prevention Resources - Various links on fall prevention for ALFS, RCFEs, ARFs, CCFs, CCRs and other types of community based care businesses. Free Fall Prevention Resources
The Tinetti assessment tool is an easily administered task-oriented test that measures an older adult's gait and balance abilities. Free Tinetti Performance Oriented Mobility Assessment
Description of Steps for a Community-Based Fall Prevention Program within a Home Health Agency. Home Health Fall Prevention Interventions
What to do in case someone falls is an important item for every assisted living facility, nursing home and residential care home to have a plan of action for.  

ProvidersWeb's Post Fall Management Plan is designed to provide guidance for staff to follow once a fall has occurred.  Everytime someone falls steps to ensure their safety must be addressed. This document provides many essential steps that caregivers should take when it comes to post fall care. Post Fall Management Plan
Failure Mode and Effects Analysis on Fall Prevention.  Good staff training tool. PPC Fall Prevention
Document on how to help prevent falls with special attention to safety issues and how to handle these issues. Great care staff training tool. Preventing Falls in home and community care
ProvidersWeb Fall Care Standards Ebook's Table of Contents, for the full ebook, search for Fall Ebook in the ProvidersWeb search bar, or copy and paste: http://www.providersweb.com/doc.aspx?id=4616 into your url line. ProvidersWeb Fall Care Standards Ebook's Table of Contents
ProvidersWeb's Resident Fall Prevention Care Plan Form is designed to assist staff in creating a fall prevention care plan with the resident and medical professionals. Resident Fall Prevention Care Plan Form for Residential and Community Care Homes
This great ProvidersWeb form is used by caregivers to document details of a resident's fall and how often the falls occur. Resident Fall Tracking Record
Free Information on The Joint Commission JACHO reports on Falls The Joint Commission JACHO reports on Falls
Timed Up and Go Test used as a free fall risk assessment. Timed Up and Go Test
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