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Care Services > 09 Facility Manager Handbook (36 docs)

09 Facility Manager Handbook (36 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 09 Facility Manager Handbook (36 docs) (37)

Form to document a review of the residents general condition.  General Form for residential care and assisted living facilities for Reviewing Resident Status Care Review Two Weeks & One Month. General Form for Reviewing Resident Status
Form used to document, special topics, current issues, safety concerns and special activities, and note how the goals will be achieved. Care Service Department Goals and Plans
Wellness Directors, Facility Managers, Care Service Coordinators at the various types of assisted living and residential care facilities have a lot of responsibilities.  Although each facility has the care services based on the resident?s care need, there are some care standards which are basic.  Below you will find forms and documents to help you do a quick care service check up. Care Service Quick Check Up
This form is used to document the person responsible for overseeing the proper training for care service providers. Care Service Training Responsibility
A good form used to designate persons authorized to receive any documents and carry out administrative processes at a Nursing Home, Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities. Designation of Facility Manager Responsibility (Form)
If the resident is engaging in behavior which is a threat to the mental and/or physical health or safety of him/her self or others, the facility has the right under federal law to protect the other residents and the property of others. This article addresses this issue. Eviction, Disruptive and Violent Behavior
This document covers how to eliminate or minimize employee occupational exposure to blood or certain other bodily fluids and meet OSHA requirements. 

The purpose of this exposure control plan is to:
~Eliminate or minimize employee occupational exposure to blood or certain other bodily fluids
~Comply with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1030
Exposure Determination
OSHA requires employers to perform an exposure determination concerning which employees may incur occupational exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials. Exposure Control Plan for Care Facilities
In order for the resident to receive services, an agreement between the Residential Care Facility and the Home Health Agency must be completed and the state regulations must be checked for compliance. This document covers the terms and conditions for such an agreement, and may be used by the facility. Good agreement for all types of community based care when working with home health agencies. Facility - Home Health Agency Resident Care Plan Agreement - Part A
This is a form used to document the Physicians orders to be followed by a home health agency. Also documents agency name, phone and other contact information. Facility - Home Health Agency Resident Care Plan Agreement - Part B
Cover sheet Facility Manager Handbook Cover
Areas for the Facility Manager of a care facility or agency Case Manager to review and audit for Quality Assurance and Risk Management (QA-RM). Facility Manager Program Audit - Case Management Audit
Form to document the Facility Manager's or Case Manager training in care service policy and procedures. Case Manager, Care Coordinator, Wellness Coordinator Facility Manager Training Check List - Case Manager, Care Coordinator, Wellness Coordinator
Overview of qualifications and abilities a Facility Manager also called Case Manager, Care Coordinator, Wellness Coordinator, should have. Facility Manager, Case Manager, Care Coordinator, Wellness Coordinator
Form used to document the Facility Manager's continuing education and training in a care facility. Facility Managers Review List - Case Management Supervisor
BRN information on Scope of Practice. FAQ CA Board of Registered Nursing Scope of Practice FAQ CA Board of Registered Nursing Scope of Practice
FTC Medical Identity Theft - FAQs for Health Care Providers and Health Plans.  All medical and community care facilities and care businesses need to protect their resident's identification information. FTC Medical Identity Theft
This form is used to document the training needed, reasons for training, equipment needed, names of staff receiving training, trainers name and license number. Incidental Care Skill Training
The document is a list of linked investigation forms and documents to assist care facility personnel and case managers in conducting investigations. Investigation Report Forms and Documents for Care Facilities & Case Managers Investigation Report Forms and Documents for Care Facilities & Case Managers
Free links to governement web sites for information on isolation precautions and infection control. Isolation Procedures
Description of the job duties and responsibilities typically performed by a facility manager of a care facility.  

The Challenges:
~Compliance with all the rules and regulations at all times, see attached.
~Legally responsible for carrying out the business established policies and procedures.
~Is legally responsible.
~Duty to care.
~Continuously updating the master care list and med sheets. Job Description - Facility Manager
Overview of the job duties and responsibilities of a Facility Manager in a care facility. 

Hazards and Exposures: Universal Precautions training, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) training for chemicals or hazardous material. Blood Borne Pathogens training. Job Overview - Facility Manager
Form used to document employees reporting to work late. Late Report Form
Overview of the role of the Ombudssman Program in receiving and investigating complaints involing resident care homes. Ombudsman Program
This form is used for approval of overtime. Overtime Consent Form
This documents the terms and conditions of agreement between a residential care facility and attending physician. This is a contract to be signed by the responsible facility party and physician. Physician Responsibilities and Rules for Community Based Care
This is a form used to update your exposure plan, employees should review their Job Exposure Determination list, and add any tasks they feel places them at occupational risk. Position Input - Job Exposure Determination
If a resident has any of the following conditions, he or she will (most likely) be required to be transferred to a higher-level care facility. Prohibited Health Conditions
The ebook contains inportant information, policies, procedures and forms for a care facility manager to use.  Good for all types of residential and community based facilities.  Residential Care Facility Manager, RCFE Facility Manager, ALF Facility Manager. RCF Care Facility Manager ebook
A form used by a Care Facility on which the resident signs out and back in - when they leave and return to the community based care home or skilled nursing facility. Resident Sign Out / In Form
Respite Care is relief care or short-term care, usually less than a month in duration.  Many facilities offer Respite Services.  The admission agreement for Respite Care Services should specifically address the time period, which the respite care is for. Respite Care
This great document covers required signs and labels, legally required labeling, sharps container requirements, and helpful links to postings for care facilities and care businesses. Safety Signs and Labels
Form used to document a specific need for a resident. Specific Care Procedures (Form)
This great article covers steps to follow and tasks to be completed prior to hiring a person, and categories of Staff Supervision after hiring in a care facility. Supervision of Staff for Case Managers and Facility Administrators
Autonomy means self-government, the care facility provider is responsible for ensuring each resident's values, beliefs and culture is respected and that they are allowed to self-govern their care.  

www.ProvidersWeb.com supplies management tools for Administrators, Caregivers, Facility Managers and all types of care home staff. Supporting Autonomy
Before the actual admission of a resident to the care facility, the Physician's Report or the Health Physical as required by the state must be completed by the resident's physician prior to admission.  The form should also be updated as the resident's needs change.  The standard is to at least update the Physician's Report annually in assisted living facilities, RCFE's, and other community based care homes.

Before the actual admission, the Physician's Report should be reviewed and checked for mistakes. Make sure the physician has completed the form properly and has signed a statement on the document that says something like: The Physician's Report
Records that are disclosed to third parties shall remain privileged.  Any person receiving records that the care facility considers confidential shall not disclose the records or related information without the written authorization of the resident or responsible party.... Third Party Access to Records Policy
Good sample policy & procedures type document on UNC Hospital's Isolation Precautions.  If you have someone in Isolation due to an infectious disease in your residential care home, assisted living facility, or convalescent hospital, this is a good example to based your own policy on. Understanding Isolation Precautions - Case Management
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