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Business Essentials > 01 Starting a Business (31 docs)

01 Starting a Business (31 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 01 Starting a Business (31 docs) (31)

Residential Care Owners and Administrator's business plans, policies, procedures, forms, business legal requirements, licensing compliance, required postings, budgeting, marketing, starting your own facility, raising revenue, safety and administrative requirements and other information used to run a facility safely and within the guidelines of the law.  Useful for RCFEs, RCFs, CCFs, Sheltered Care, Board and Care Homes and Assisted Living Facilities.  How to get into the residential care business AND How to get into the assisted living business resources. ALF Business Operations ebook.doc
A good list of the basic services that most residential care and assisted living community-based facilities provide.  God for RCF, ALF, CCF, RCFE, ARF Basic Services Provided by ALF's and RCF's
Overview of a residential care or assisted living Building a Community
Important business links and telephone numbers. Business Links and Numbers
List of links for business loans. Business Loans and Programs
This document covers residential care business, assisted living business and board and care business ownership; and the organization of the business as sole properitership, partnership, or corporation.

Types of Business Entities
There are four types of business entities; sole proprietorships, partnerships, regular corporations and limited liability companies.  Each of the four types is unique with regard to the treatment given for legal liability to its owners and treatment for tax purposes.

Legal Liability
Depending upon the form of business, owners may be held legally liable to varying degrees for the debts and.... Business Ownership
This document is an overview of creating a business plan for a residential care home or an assisted living facility.  It links to many other useful ProvidersWeb documents. This document goes over many essential each care home business needs to cover.

There are two components in starting a residential care or assisted living facility.  One part is getting the license.  It's like a driver's license it's non-transferable.  Essentially it gives you permission to run a care facility instead of driving a car.  You get it from a different department, not the department of motor vehicles.

To find out how to get a license.... Business Plans
Overview of managing a care business. Care Business Business Overview
ProvidersWeb's own free care business dictionary explains common words and terms used in residential care facilities and assisted living communities. Care Facility Dictionary
Overview of the types of facilites and their operators. Current Industry Trends
List forms that the SBA may require. Forms Required by the SBA
MediCare SNF Home Environment Free Information on MediCare SNF Home Environment
Free List of State Licensing Agencies links for Assisted Living and Residential Care Homes Free List of State Licensing Agencies links for Assisted Living and Residential Care Homes
Link to NOLO for easy step by step software to self incorporate. Get Incorporated
House Buyers Beware of Environmental Issues - Free Information House Buyers Beware of Environmental Issues - Free Information
Link to the Housing Insurance Federal. Housing Insurance Federal - FHA
IRS Checklist for Starting a Business - free information on starting a residential or assisted living care business and the IRS requirements. IRS Checklist for Starting a Business
Overview of forms to complete and submit to various licensing agencies.

Once you have decided which type of business you want to start, you will need to complete a number of various organizational forms and submit them to the appropriate agency.

Business License
First, obtain a business license.  These may be obtained through your city or county government office.  The fee for this license varies according to the agency involved.  If you decide to use a name for your business that is any name other than your legal name, you will probably have to complete a Fictitious Business Statement.  The licensing agency can supply the form for you.

Typically, a small, family-style 6 bed or less facility is exempt from any zoning ordnances.  The zoning for a 7 bed or more facility, is usually the same zoning as for multiple family units, apartments, or schools, and usually requires.... Permits and Licenses
This free information article outlines the reality of owning and operating a residential care facility, board and care home, or assisted living facility.

Many people dream about being in business for him or herself.  However, as push comes to shove, many people are not able to handle it.   The rewards can be awesome, but the hard times can be truly hard times.   The RCF/ALF business is not like other businesses.  It requires total commitment.  You as the Licensee are accepting the responsibility for taking care of others.  By taking out a license, you are saying YES I will be responsible for people who need dependent care.

Do you have the personal traits?..... RCF ALF Business Reality Check
Overview of the residental assisted living industry and the different classifications.

The classification used to describe the Residential Assisted Living (RAL) industry varies from state to state, but it is commonly referred to as assisted care, residential care, or assisted living.  It is a demographically broad, localized and highly disaggregated industry covering several types of age-group, care and living situations such as senior care, child care and foster care, but generally includes companies and individuals operating facilities referred to by the following:

Assisted Living Facility 
Adult Congregate Care
Residential Care
Community Residential Facility
Personal Care Home
Residential Care Facility for the Elderly
Adult Congregate Living Facility
Homes for the Aged....... Residential Assisted Living Industry Overview
Overview of how to organize the management of an assisted living, residential care or sheltered care business.

The first element necessary to control business operations is management's involvement.  As stated before, managers who supervise their subordinates can be sure that matters are being handled correctly, accurately, timely, and completely.  Write policies that specify who the managers are and who will be responsible for making sure tasks are completed accurately and efficiently.  

Determining whom the decision makers are - is called establishing a chain of command. In smaller facilities the owner is often the administrator, business manager, bookkeeper, and office manager, or chief cook and bottle washer.  But, regardless of size, the basic outline for handling business transactions may still be used.

Chain of Command
In managing your office and business operations, you may define... Residential Care Assisted Living Business Company Organization
SBA's 10 Steps to Starting a Business - good free information for caregivers starting their own care home business. SBA's 10 Steps to Starting a Business
By Morgan Lewis company - excellent information on business funding. Securities Law Overview - business funding info
The stages a community goes though as it evolves.

One of the characteristics of pseudocommunity is that people tend to speak in generalities.  Stages of Community
Sample business cards. Started Business Cards
Cover for section 1 of the Business Manual Starting a Business Cover
Free link to the SBA business plan and overview.

Below is an outline for a business plan. Use this model as a guide when developing the business plan for your business. 
Elements of a Business Plan 
1. Cover sheet 
2. Statement of purpose 
3. Table of contents 
     I. The Business 
         A. Description of business 
         B. Marketing 
         C. Competition 
         D. ..... The SBA Business Plan
Overview of builiding teams, their importance and differences. The Teams
Form used to help organize your thoughts and put them in visual format. Thinking Outline
Link to the government website for census reports.  This is helpful for care businesses to find out how many potential residents are living in your area.  Census reports are an important part of every business and marketing plan for residential care homes and assisted living facilities. US Government Census Reports
Free information for care facility businesses. Your Facility Plan of Operation Your Facility Plan of Operation
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