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Business Essentials > 08 Marketing (33 docs)

08 Marketing (33 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 08 Marketing (33 docs) (33)

10 Rules For Reputation Protection There are some important rules you can follow to help protect your care business?s reputation.  These 10 rules are as follows:
1.	Care!
2.	Assess for All Care and Service Needs
3.	Control Communications and Media
4.	Deal with Complaints and Suggestions
5.	Respond to Allegations 
6.	Emergency Preparedness
7.	Public, Appearances & Greetings
8.	Be Organized 
9.	Keep Your Maintenance Up
10.	Create a Great Reputation 10 Rules For Reputation Protection
Information about the basics of advertising and marketing your business. Advertising Basics
Sample of the outside portion of a tri-fold brochure. Brochure Part 1
Sample of the inside portion of a tri-fold brochure. Brochure Part 2
Why would you want website?  Well, for starters it is a good way to attract new customers.  The people who place residents in care facilities, assisted living communities, residential care homes, homes for the developmentally disabled and the like, do look online for placement.  Websites can help you in other areas too.  In order for your website marketing to be successful and bring you the maximum number of visitors possible, there are some essential components your care home business website should have available.  This document goes into 15 essential components every care home business should include on their website. Care Business Website Essentials
This form was developed to take minutes during a community meeting to set goals and make plans. Community Vision
A list of questions to compare various facilities. Comparable Facility Questions
How to keep the residents, family members and responsible parties happy and satisfied. Customer Management
Advertising to potential customers through direct mail. Direct Mail
Email Marketing
By Diane Morrow, LNHA


Welcome to the New Age, where email marketing is now an essential.  I?m not talking about spamming, or buying names to mass email people.  I am talking about a gentle corresponding with the people who place residents.  Many of residential care and assisted living facility residents are placed by people who use computers.  In fact, many people prefer to do business by email rather than on the telephone.  

RULE # 1: No spelling errors, and use good grammar.  Always end the email by using your name, title, the business name, phone number, and website link if you have one. Email Marketing
Meet with your customers on a regular basis to see that their needs are being met. Follow Up - Stay in Touch
Form used to track individual customers contacted. Individual Tracking Form
Items that need to be considered for marketing analysis of your area. Marketing Considerations
Cover for section 8 of the Business Manual. Marketing Cover
A list of the objectives that care home owners will want to target and meet through advertising. For Residential Care Facilities, Assisted Living Communities, and Skilled Nursing Facilities.  Keyword: Marketing Director, RCFE Marketing, ALF Marketing Marketing Objectives
Tools and resourses for marketing your residential care, nursing home, assisted living facility or community based care business. Marketing Residential Assisted Living, Group Homes and Nursing Homes
A checklist designed to help you market your care business, care facility, care community or care home. Marketing Review
Form used to tally the number of responses received from various advertising sources. For home and community based care businesses, nursing homes and various types of assisted care facilities. Marketing Summary Form
In this day and age information travels at the speed of email, and information can become viral.   I cannot stress enough the necessity to maintain your businesses reputation, and protect it.  Once your reputation is ruined, no amount of marketing can cure it.

That being said, over the years, my students and clients have asked me, what is the best way to market your care business?  The answer is simple give great care, fix problems properly as they arise and involve your care business and yourself in the local community. Marketing Your Care Business
Media Marketing Your Care Business - You own website, Facebook, and more for assisted living facilities, group homes, homes for the mentally ill, Homes for the developmentally disabled.  Home and community based service programs.

Every care home needs to have an excellent online presence. Customers are looking on the internet for care services and you need to have a place on the internet where they can find your business. If your business already has a website, you need to be regularly maintaining it.  In addition, you need to make sure you are doing everything you can to protect your online reputation. Media Marketing Your Care Business
The importance of having a network of other businesses and agencies in your area. Networking
This form was developed with questions to think about when planning goals for community based care homes, nursing homes and residential care businesses. New Year Plan Form
A form that can be used by the care facility to announce an upcoming event. Press Release
Are you marketing your care facility or care business correctly? Are you keeping your beds full?  This audit will give pointers and good information for marketing.  This document is a useful tool for all types of care facilities. Publicity Audit - Marketing Assisted Living and Residential Care Services
Sample of a newspaper ad for long-term placement in your facility. Sample Ad
Sample of a newspaper ad for short-term placement in your facility. Sample Respite Ad
How to show your facility to potential residents, family members, and responsilbe parties. Showing the Facility
Finding potential residents for your facility. Target Customers
The process of selling residents, family members, and responsible parties on your business. The Selling Process
Tips for a care facility to use when writing a press release to announce events at the facility. Tips for Writing a Press Release
How to track your potential customers. Tracking
A free marketing pamphlet for Residential Care, Assisted Living, or Nursing Facilities.  Includes fillable box for your facility's Name, Address, Phone Number and e-mail. When Your Parent Needs Care
How to analyze and market your business. This step by step marketing analysis form will help you find your marketing plan's weak points, as well as guide you to good marketing techniques. Your Product
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