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Household Maintenance > 02 Housekeeping Handbook (49 docs) > 02 Housekeeping Personal Safety (24 docs)

02 Housekeeping Personal Safety (24 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 02 Housekeeping Personal Safety (24 docs) (24)

This great document details the proper order/application of protective equipment. Application of Personal Protective Equipment
This form is used to report exposure to any pathogens, such as blood. Care Facility Exposure Report Form
Steps to a chemically safe environment. Chemically Safe
This document covers policy and procedure on how to make sure a work area is maintained in a clean and sanitary condition at all times.  

Garbage Cans
Whenever there is visible contamination, garbage cans and similar types of bins must be immediately cleaned.  All garbage cans, and similar bins need to be inspected and decontaminated at the end of each month. Cleaning and Decontamination of Work Areas
This form is used to schedule cleaning tasks, what to clean, when to clean, who will clean, etc. Cleaning Schedule
Communication and suggestion form used by employee's regarding unsafe conditions and/or occupational health concerns. Employee Safety Communication and Suggestion Form
Form used by an employee to assess their ability to lift. 

In order for the facility to better assign lifting tasks to individuals who are able to perform the job, we require each employee to complete this form.
Employee's Name:	
Facility Name:
To Whom it May Concern,
I understand one lifting standard does not fit all persons, due to size, weight, height, and physical strength that it is my responsibility to ensure for my self-safety.  I know I can safely lift: Ergonomics Self Verification Form
This great document covers the proper procedures for putting on gloves to prevent contamination to bloodborne pathogens or infections diseases in care facilities, and care businesses.  Sample procedure for all care facility staff to follow relating to wearing gloves.   

Gloves must be worn when it can be reasonably anticipated that the employee may have hand contact with blood, other potentially infectious materials (OPIM), mucous membranes, bodily fluids and non-intact skin.

Disposable (single use) gloves must be replaced as soon as... Getting Gloved for Care Facility Staff
The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the U.S. Department of Interior's green cleaning initiative, encourage all citizens to use environmentally preferable products. Green Cleaning
This great document details the proper procedure for care facility staff  for washing hands to meet OSHA minimum safety requirements.  

When to Wash Hands
According to OSHA standards regarding bloodborne pathogens, handwashing should be performed, at a minimum: Handwashing Procedures for Care Facility Staff
This form is used to report and document any hazardous situation. Hazard Report Form
This form is used to train the staff regarding hazardous chemicals that may be found in the workplace. Hazardous Chemical Training
Article from the Agency for Toxic Substances detailing the color codes for hazardous materials and the warning labels for them.

Health (Blue) 

Health hazards in firefighting generally result from a single exposure, which may vary from a few seconds up to an hour. Only hazards arising out of an inherent property of the material are considered. It should be noted, however, that the physical exertion demanded in firefighting or other emergency conditions tends to intensify the effects of any exposure. Hazardous Material Classification System
Cover Sheet Housekeeping Personal Safety Cover
Sample of Housekeeping Resident House Rules Policy. Housekeeping Resident House Rules
List of housekeeping responsibilities. Housekeeping Responsibilities
Overview of housekeeping hazards. Housekeeping Safety
This great document discusses the proper housekeeping procedures to ensure that universal precautions are being followed.  

The facility needs to be clean with sanitary conditions free from any potentially infectious contamination. The HBV and HIV pathogens have been shown to remain active for over one week in dried contaminants. 

The following is a list of areas that are typically cleaned, decontaminated, and sanitized daily by housekeeping: Housekeeping Universal Precautions
This great document covers areas of potential exposure and proper safety precautions to avoid the spread of illness and disease causing pathogens.  

Portal of Exit
Ways the pathogen can leave the reservoir include:

~Draining wounds
~Feces with visible blood
~Mucous discharge with visible blood
~Saliva with visible blood
~Sexual secretions
~Urine with visible blood Infection Control
This form is used to evaluate the employee while they are performing their normal job duties, checking to make sure safety and procedures are followed at all times. Job Safety Check List
This form is used to inventory and audit chemicals used and located at the facility and to make sure there is a Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) on file for each chemical kept in a binder for easy reference in case of emergency. MSDS Inventory Safety Log
Information on how to keep the kitchen pest free. Pest Control
This is a form used to update your exposure plan, employees should review their Job Exposure Determination list, and add any tasks they feel places them at occupational risk. Position Input - Job Exposure Determination
This form is used to determine that the care facility or care business employee understands the regulations, policy and procedures concerning Universal Precautions, Bloodborne Pathogens, and Infectious Diseases. Universal Precautions Training Check Off List for Care Facilities
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