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Admissions > 01 Admissions Overview (17 docs)

01 Admissions Overview (17 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 01 Admissions Overview (17 docs) (17)

This quiz is used to test the knowledge of the Admission Coordinator regarding the admission process.  It covers the essentials every Admission Coordinator should at least know.  When an admission agreement is executed it is a legal and binding contract therefore it is important for the care business owner to ensure the admission process is completed properly. Admission Coordinator Quiz
List of items that are required in order for the resident to be eligible for admittance to a care facility. Admission Criteria
To be effective each provider should take the specific information desired and design individual policies and procedures, this can be achieved by creating a written Admission Policy and Procedure Manual.  This article in an introduction to that process. Admissions Introduction
Cover for section 1 of the Admissions Manual. Admissions Overview Cover
Basic services always consist of a safe and healthful living environment, personal care and assistance, regular observation and supervision, planned activities, food service, and arrangements for meeting incidental medical and dental care. Basic Services for Care Facilities
An important aspect of the admission process is how the resident feels.  Making this decision is usually the first step in facing his/her own mortality. Being Admitted
Description of common funding sources used by residents and/or their responsible party to pay for a Care Facility's room, board, and basic services. Common Types of Funding Sources
Information regarding the request to the licensing agency to grant permission to provide a special service to a resident that doesn't normally fall within basic care guidelines. Exception Requests
List of services that a Care Facility may provide for its residents. Facility Services
Many types of food services are offered to residents by facilities.  When a facility must serve a meal to a large or small group of residents there is no way to please everyone.  Three nutritionally well-balanced meals and snacks should be made available daily. Food Services
It is the responsibility of the facility to help reduce the stress and provide a support system when someone is moved into a care facility. How Can We Reduce the Stress of Admissions?
This Levels of Care Assessment Form was designed to assist the caregiver or admission coordinator to help determine the level of care a resident may need.  This form is simple to use - any assisted living staff could complete it.  Upon admission, the resident will be assessed for the Level of Care Service that needs to be provided.  After admission, if there are increases or decreases in the Level of Care this form can be updated and the corresponding Level of Care Rate can be applied. Levels of Care Assessment Form for Residential Care, Assisted Living & all types of Case Managers
A list of normal personal care services provided to residents by care facilities if allowed by state licensing. Personal Care Services
Common terms used when admitting a resident to a care facility. Terms used in Admissions
As facilities are different in many ways, so are their residents. The kinds of residents cared for in a facility depend on state law and the types of services a facility chooses to provide.  This document describes the general needs of most residents residing in community based care.  This document is an excerpt from a report from University of San Francisco. The Needs of Persons Cared For
Third Party Providers are other care and service providers who provide services to a resident at a community based care facility. This agreement has been designed to help ensure the Third Party Providers follow some important rules pertaining to the services they provide for the resident. Third Party Provider Rules & Policies - Facility Administration & Case Management
Housing arrangements providing non-medical services to seniors are known under several names.  The terms used to describe the Residential Assisted Living industry varies from state to state. Types of Community Care Facilities and Growth
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