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Admissions > 08 Resident Retention (11 docs)

08 Resident Retention (11 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 08 Resident Retention (11 docs) (11)

This informational document explains the need for reporting accidents, incidents and/or injuries that requires medical attention.  

Residential Care Assisted Living Facilities differ from nursing homes in that, in a nursing home or hospital, the medical professional is giving his or her medical opinion.  Care Providers in our industry are considered non-medical, and therefore, caregivers should not speculate on the resident's condition... Accident Incident Injury Reports
The normal care standard is for the residential care home or assisted living facility to have an ongoing care plan.  Significant changes in a resident's physical, social, and mental condition need to be documented and brought to the attention of the attending physician, other health service providers and the responsible party so that the care plan adjusted accordingly to the resident's needs.  

All direct care staff involved with that resident should have access to the care plan.  Family members and the residents' responsible parties should participate in the Appraisal Needs and Service Plan, which specify what the plans of care are for that resident.

Once we have completed the assessment process then we can create a plan of care.  

Care Plans:

Identity Resident Problems and Risk Factors

Create a plan to resolve the problem(s), and reduce the risk factor

List who would be responsible for implementing the solution or over seeing the plan..... Appraisal Needs and Service Plan
This is a great care facility resident retention plan on how to keep your current residents.  The care home Administrator can use this as a tool for quality assurance purposes, which can help the care facility retain residents in the facility longer.   A lot of residents move from one facility to another.  If you don't want to lose your residents, you need to have a retention plan. Care Facility Resident Retention Plan
CMS Comprehensive Resident Centered Care Plans 2017 CMS Comprehensive Resident Centered Care Plans 2017
Information regarding the request to the licensing agency to grant permission to provide a special service to a resident that doesn't normally fall within basic care guidelines. Exception Requests
A form used by a Residential Care or Adult Assisted Living Facility to communicate with the home health nurse or physician's nurse regarding any changes in a resident's condition. Facility to Nurse Notes
A form used by a Residential Care or Adult Assisted Living Facility to correspond with the resident's physician regarding any changes in a resident's condition. Facility to Physician Notes
If a doctor requires the resident to be at a residential care facility because the resident must have 24 hour supervision, then the family may be entitled to a tax deduction.  A good care facility will share this information with the responsible party at the time of admission. Family Tax Benefits
A form used by a care facility to document the financial information for a resident requesting a discounted rate for residency and services due to financial hardships. Financial Statement for Discounted Residency and Services
Cover for section 8 of the Admissions Manual. Resident Retention Cover
Free article regarding the retention of residents.  There are ways you can keep your residents longer - this free document shares essential information on how to make your residents happier.

Be sure to make each resident feel special on his/her birthday, most facilities at least have a monthly birthday party.  A card and gift is a great way to acknowledge a resident?s birthday.   The Administrator or Top Management can get a little gift and birthday card for each resident and make their day more special by giving it to them personally.  You can buy an inexpensive gift and card at the local dollar store.  Good inexpensive gifts include... Retention Rates - Keeping Your Residents
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