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Rights, Culture & Beliefs > 03 Beliefs (11 docs)

03 Beliefs (11 docs)

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Documents in 03 Beliefs (11 docs) (11)

A free article on why our good deeds lead to a more spiritual life.  Good for residential care and assisted living staff training.

This month's topics are Care Services and Rights, Culture and Beliefs.  So I have decided to share with you some of my personal beliefs about care giving, which relate to my spiritual beliefs. I personally have considered my work in long term care more of a ministry, than a job. I felt my duties were to create and maintain... 2/3 Good Deed Rule - RULES
This is a true story about a message from beyond.  The soul does live on. A Message from Beyond
Cover for section 3 of the Rights, Culture and Beliefs Manual. Beliefs Cover
The person dying, the caregivers and the family members will also go through the stages to varying degrees.  This free document describes the various stages of grieve. Kubler-Ross Stages of Grieving
This is a free document about predicting the time of Nursing Home Care and Death of Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease which is the subject of current study.  The study directed by Yaakov Stern, PhD at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York. Predicting Death Time
Religion can play a small or large role in a person's life.  In the community care and assisted living industry we have a mixture of people and it is our duty to allow each individual their freedom of religion. Religion and Spiritual Needs
This is a free list of various religious organizations and links to their major Websites. Religious Organizations
This is a questionnaire of religious and spiritual beliefs designed to help the provider understand how to better assist with spiritual health. Spiritual Assessment
For community based care providers and nursing home staff. What to do in case a resident suffers from a spiritual emergency.  

Most caregivers are not trained in handling spiritual problems.  We are told that we are not allowed to try to convert someone to our own religious beliefs.   However, we know for fact that prayer and religious coping definitely help in the healing process.  See....
The best thing we can do if someone is in a spiritual emergency is..... Spiritual Emergencies
This free document helps to provide a better understanding on the importance of spirituality in your residents' lives. This document includes key elements of spiritual health and contains important information for conducting spiritual assessments.  Caregivers from all types of care facilities, including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult residential facilities, and group homes will find this article a great resource. Spirituality and Caregivers
This great article covers dying, an individual's beliefs about dying and the soul, how to talk to those who are religious, and how to talk to those who aren't. Also included are helpful links to related articles, forms, and policies. This is a great article to read to increase one's understanding and tact when caring for dying residents or just for one's own life.

At the time of writing this article, I am living with my grandma who only has a very short time left due to a rapidly growing cancer.   She is 86, and extremely sweet.  She is gracious.  She is happy to a certain degree because she believes her passing will take her The Soul is Real
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