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01 Check List, Audit & Inspections (42 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 01 Check List, Audit & Inspections (42 docs) (42)

This checkoff list is helpful to Residential Care Homes, Assisted Living Centers and Nursing Facilities to help check off documents and steps to be taken when admitting a resident to a facility.  This is a great admission check list form. Admission Check Off List
A form used by a care facility, or at a person's home to check areas of the facility for possible safety issues for residents with Dementia and/or Alzheimer's disease. Good for safety prevention measures for alzhimer's care. Alzheimer's Safety Check List for Nursing Homes, Residential Care Facilities, Home Care
A detailed check list of specific areas to be visually inspected annually, ie. fire alarm and emergency systems, atmosphere control, plumbing systems, electric systems, dietary services, building, interior, exterior, yard maintenance, equipment and replacement schedules. Annual Maintenance Check & Service
A check off list of Care Facility Administrator's Check Off List - as needed Audits
A check off list of daily duties performed by the Administrator. Care Facility Administrator's Check Off List - Daily
A check off list of basic standard monthly duties a Care Home Facility Administrator can follow. Group Homes, Skilled Nursing Facilities and all types of community based care businesses. Care Facility Administrator's Check Off List - Monthly
A check off list of basic standard duties often performed by the care facility Administrator on a quarterly basis. Used in residential care, assisted living and other types of community based care businesses. Care Facility Administrator's Check Off List - Quarterly
A check off list of suggested weekly duties performed by the Administrator of a care facility.  Depending on the size of the business will depend on how frequently these duties will be performed. Care Facility Administrator's Check Off List - Weekly
A free article on questions an employer can and can't ask in an interview, information an applicant can be asked to provide, with useful links. Care Facility and Business Employee Reference Check For Employers
A complete checklist of policies, procedures and programs that must be completed by new employees and staff that work at a care facility business, including all types of community based residential care homes. Included are links to all related forms and documents.

The facility may need or want to make changes in this training program because of changes in the facility or the residents, or because review of the plan indicates improvements need to be made Time to complete each section will partially be based upon an individual's own ability to complete the task. Care Facility Employee Orientation Check Off List
This form is used with all new employee's, and is completed by checking off all areas that the employee has been trained in regarding safety. Care Facility Staff Safety Training Check Off List Form
An audit to make sure your facility is properly storing and handling chemicals and medication brought into the facility.

The facility should be inspected at least twice a year or quarterly to make sure these hazardous conditions/situations do not exist. Chemical Safety Storage Audit
Free Check Off List to make sure your assisted living care facility or nursing home is doing everything possible to take good care of your resident's during a cold and flu illness, and to prevent the spread of illness. Cold and Flu Care Check Off List
A suggested check off list of yearly duties performed by the Administrator.  Basic standards for residential care, assisted living, group homes, nursing homes, and other community based care communities. Community Care Facility and Nursing Home Administrator's Check Off List - Yearly
A helpful check off list covering various areas of a Dementia Care Program for Assisted Living Communities, Residential Care Homes, and Home Care. ALF, RCF, RCFE Dementia Care Program Check Off for Assisted Living Communities, Residential Care Homes
A list of required training procedures for new staff. Dietary Training Check Off List
When caring for several people that are incontinent a system needs to be set up.  This document covers a typical Dry Check and Change Policy
A free list of things to observe and consider when looking for a residential facility for your family member.  

To avoid visiting every facility on your initial list, we suggest that you set up a screening process to eliminate providers that are unable to meet your elder's medical or financial requirements. See Telephone Screening.  Eventually, you will want to visit the facilities on your list, but first it will be worthwhile to remove any providers that cannot give your elder the care they require or perhaps are not within your budget. 

If your elder will be receiving subsidized financial assistance for care, the agency will probably provide an approved list of eligible facilities. When screening the facilities be sure to question the... Elder Care Facility Observation Check Off List
Form to document the Facility Manager's or Case Manager training in care service policy and procedures. Case Manager, Care Coordinator, Wellness Coordinator Facility Manager Training Check List - Case Manager, Care Coordinator, Wellness Coordinator
Fall prevention and safety check list to audit your facility or residential care home. Fall Prevention and Safety Check Off List for care facilities and assisted living communities
Audit to check how your staff is greeting people who come into the facility for various reasons. For RCF, ALF, and RCFE Greeting Audit for Community Based Care Facilities
Guidelines for Employer Compliance (Advisory) 1910.1200 Appendix E section 5 from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) - Checklist for Compliance
This form is used to evaluate the employee while they are performing their normal job duties, checking to make sure safety and procedures are followed at all times. Job Safety Check List
Form listing the areas that need to be checked on a regular basis Laundry Check Off Form
A checklist and links to documents focusing on legal items that may be used in the residential care facility business. 

 At Will Employment - Make certain your employment agreements and any employee handbooks specify employment is Legal Employment Checklist for Business
Check off list for completed pages of the Resident's Life Journal. Life Journal Pages Check Off
List of long-term care services.

The following long-term care services for the elderly are available in various areas of the State.  The local Area on Aging has the telephone numbers, address and service information for many of these organizations.
When a resident shows signs of needs, which must be met by outside community agencies, the following list should be utilized. Long Term Care Community Based Services Checklist
This form documents the training received by the Medication Assistant including the trainer's verification. Medication Assistant Training Check Off List
Training for the Medication Manager includes the following: Accidents/Injury, Adverse Medical Reactions, Mental Capacity Assessment, Behavior Monitoring, Complaints, Contaminated Wastes and Sharps, Cycle Fill, Incoming Meds, Destruction, Discharge and Discontinued Meds, OTCs, PRNs, etc. 

Included are links to all subjects needed. Medication Manager Training Check Off
Form used to document safety checks on facility automobiles. Engine fluids, lights, brakes, tires, first aid kit, and special notes. Monthly Auto Safety Inspection
A form to keep track of routine maintenance checks and services for all types of home and community based care facilities. Facility Manager's form for regular maintenance. Monthly Maintenance Check and Service
This form documents that the employee understands the OSHA bloodborne requirements, policy and procedures. OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Training Final Checklist
This great form is a 2-page Outing Check Off List
Direct Care Assistant training check off list form. Useful to help ensure the direct care staff has been trained to meet the industry standard of care.  Tool for Care home Managers and Case Managers to train with. Personal Care Assistant Training Check Off List - Family Home Provider
The best of ProvidersWeb's Check Lists, Audits, and Inspections in an eBook.  ISBN 1-889226-30-0 ProvidersWeb's "Check Lists, Audits, and Inspections" eBook - ISBN 1-889226-30-0
Table of contents of ProvidersWeb's ProvidersWeb's "Check Lists, Audits, and Inspections" TOC
This useful form is used to conduct a quarterly safety check of a community-based care facility and grounds.  Safety of the residents, public and staff is essential for all residential care homes, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes.

The facility must always be maintained in a clean, safe, odorless and sanitary condition.  It is the Maintenance Supervisor's job to ensure this checklist is completed quarterly.  This company's desire is to always meet the state and federal laws and regulations and exceed their standard.  Other items not included on this list might become apparent, in such cases whenever a safety issue is Quarterly Safety Management Check Off
A thorough check off list used for training staff of a Care Facility in resident rights.  Included are links to information on all rights.

Laws and Regulations:
~Architectural Barriers Act
~Patient Self Determination Act (PSDA)
~Americans with Disabilities Act
~Personal Rights - Resident Rights Part 1 Resident Rights - Staff Training Check Off List
Residential Care Homes Assisted Living Faiclity Checklist Idaho Residential Care Homes & Assisted Living Facility Checklist Idaho
This good check list is used to make sure the care facility has all of the needed documentation when admitting a resident for short-term or respite care. Case Management and Facility Administration. Respite Care Check List - Case Management
A great form to determine potential risk to health and or body. Risk Identification Checklist
An important check off list for a resident's sensory care issues. Sensory Care Check Off
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