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04 Reports (69 docs)

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Form used to document the repositioning of bedridden residents. Ideal for home care and community based care staff. 2-Hour Reposition Record for Bedridden Residents
This form is used to document individual resident care and output.  This document is a helpful tool to provide to the doctor or nurse to help them get a better picture of the incontinency problem. 7-Day Incontinence Tracking Record
A form used to investigate accidents or exposure in community based care facilities and assisted living communities. Accident Exposure Investigation Analysis
Form used to investigate and document details associated with an accidental exposure for employees are residential care facilities. Accident Exposure Investigation Report
A form used in community based care homes and various types of assisted living facilities to report accidents, incidents, and/or injury to an employee. Accident Incident Injury Report Form - Employee
This great form is used by various types of community based care facilities to report an accident, incident, and/or injury to a resident. This detailed form takes the care provider step-by-step through essential information needed when this type of occurrence takes place.  This form also contains recheck information.  

If the accident, incident or injury causes a legal action to be filed, then the information on this form could be very instrumental in showing the steps the care provider took after the event to ensure for the resident's well being. Accident Incident Injury Report Form - Resident Community Care Homes Assisted Living
This informational document explains the need for reporting accidents, incidents and/or injuries that requires medical attention.  

Residential Care Assisted Living Facilities differ from nursing homes in that, in a nursing home or hospital, the medical professional is giving his or her medical opinion.  Care Providers in our industry are considered non-medical, and therefore, caregivers should not speculate on the resident's condition... Accident Incident Injury Reports
Form used to document details of an accident and/or incident involving a resident residing in a community based care facility. Accident Incident Investigation Report
A good brief overview of proper procedure to complete an accident investigation.  If an accident occurs at the care facility, at least a basic investigation needs to be conducted, to find out the cause and to try to prevent the accident or incident from occuring again.

The Administrator shall investigate every accident, incident, injury or exposure. The Administrator of the care facility shall complete a full report (see Accident Exposure Investigation Analysis). The State Licenisng Office will require certain accidents and injuries be... Accident Investigation for Care Facilities and Care Home Administrators
A form designed to help investigate an auto accident, helpful for a risk management investigation. Useful for all types of care businesses and care facilities. Auto Accident Report
Requirements for reporting bedridden residents to the licensing agency. Bedridden Reporting Requirements
Form used to document a problem behavior for residents with Alzeheimer's disease, including time, place, who was involved, who was contacted. Behavior Report Form
Explaination of a Facility Evaluation and Inspection Report from the state of California in regards to Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities. California's Facility Evaluation Report
A form to help track dietary operations during a shift at a care facility. Residential Care, Skilled Nursing Care and Assisted Living Care Dietary Services Department. Care Facility Dietary Shift Report
This form is used to report exposure to any pathogens, such as blood. Care Facility Exposure Report Form
Report used to track complaints and concerns by the owner/committee. Care Facility Owner's Review - Complaint Tracking Report
Tracking form for owners review of falls in the facility. Used by administrators, facility managers, and caregivers in assisted living, residential care and community based care homes. Care Facility Owner's Review - Fall Tracking Report
Form used for tracking resident incidents in community care facilities. Care Facility Owner's Review - Incident Tracking Report
Tracking form for residential care and assisted living facility management; this form help to review residents' infections over a one year time period at the facility. Care Facility Owner's Review - Infection Tracking Report
Form for tracking medication errors in the owners review of Quality Assurance and Risk Management (QA-RM) Program. Care Facility Owner's Review - Medication Tracking Report
Form used to document important shift change information like absent residents, fall precautions, incidents, accidents and other important information which occured during a shift.  The use of this form is very helpful in reducing worker's compensation claims and ensuring good communication. Care Services - Shift Report for Assisted Living and Community Care Facilities
Form used to conduct and in-house investigation of a complaint.  This document is useful for all residential care, assisted living and nursing homes administrators. Complaint Investigation Report - For Care Facility In-House Complaint Investigation
The article covers the different types of investigations care facility administrators and owners may need to conduct.  It links to multiple forms and documents which are helpful management tools for residential care, assisted living and nursing home businesses. Conducting Investigations
What needs to be cleaned daily. Daily Cleaning Report
This form used to document the death of a resident and attach docments such as:  Advance Directives - Living Wills, Living Will Declarations, DNR, Accident Incident Injury Reports, Exception Request Form, and Hospice Agreement. Death Report
Form used to document a doctors evaluation, comments and other medical information relating to a resident. Doctor Visit Report
This document covers the facility responsibility to promote an environment free from unlawful harassment, discrimination or workplace violence.  

All employees are encouraged to report such incidents and shall have no fear of retaliation from any staff member, regardless of the position they hold.

What happens when an employee reports an incident of unacceptable behavior?

~When an employee believes they have experienced a form of unacceptable behavior they should immediately report this to their supervisor or a management level person that they feel comfortable reporting to.

~The report must be.... Facility's Reporting Policies
This Form is used to document specific information about a resident's fall.  It can help the fall investigator in finding our more details about the fall. Used for nursing homes, residential care facilities, assisted living communities, homes for the mentally ill, homes for the developmentally disabled. Fall Investigation Report for community based residential care homes
This free document explains items that must be reported to your State OSHA agency and to your workers compensation carrier, includes resource link.  

The following items must be reported to your State OSHA agency and to your worker's compensation carrier:

First Aid
As stated in 1904.7(b)(5)(ii), first aid means only the following treatments (any treatment not included in this list is not considered first aid for recordkeeping purposes and should be reported):... Federal OSHA Mandatory Reporting Requirements
List of first aid treatments that you are not required to report to OSHA.

The following is a list of common types of first aid treatments, which are not required to be reported by the employer to Federal OSHA. State OSHA requirements, and state labor reporting requirements vary from state to state, therefore this list only pertains to Federal Requirements.  Reference: 29 U.S.C. 657(g)(2), (c)(2). Federal OSHA Non-Reportable First Aid Treatments
A form used by a Care Facility to log pills that are found. Found Pill Report
This form is used to report and document any hazardous situation. Hazard Report Form
A report used to report information to various state agencies. Information Report
A form developed by the ProvidersWeb used by the instructor of the in-service to document training on safety, resident care plans, and class attendee's in Nursing Home, Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities. In-Service Training Report (Form)
Form for completed tasks. Job Completed Report
Form used to document employees reporting to work late. Late Report Form
Form used to document employee tardiness, action taken, employee comments and follow-up. Late Report Notice Form
Work time form. Maintenance Work Time Report
A report used for risk management when there has been a error made regarding medications in a Care Facility or assisted living facility. Medication Incident Report
A report used by a Care Facility for risk management, which is completed if a staff member makes an error in setting up a residents medication. Medication Set Up Error Report
A detailed information form for staff to use when a resident or client is missing.  A form to give to the police by care facility staff. Helpful document for care home staff to report a missing person.  Check list of questions to ask and information to gather in the event a resident goes missing from a care facility. Missing Person Report
Free useful links on OSHA reporting requirements. OSHA Reporting Requirements - Links
This free document covers the OSHA requirements for incident reporting.  Within 24 hours, employers must report to OSHA work-related or suspected work-related fatalities, serious injuries or illnesses.  

OSHA 200 Log 
The OSHA 200 log is required to be completed, by all employers, which had 10 or more employees during the past year. The government uses the log to gather statistics in worker related injuries.  Both state and federal law require... OSHA Requirements for Incident Reporting
A form used in a Care Facility to monitor an individual resident's level of pain. Pain Level Report - Medication Effects
Form to keep track of petty cash for administrative, maintenance, and activities. Petty Cash Report
A great form that is completed by the resident's physician prior to admission to a Residential Care Facility.  This form is more detailed than the usual state's form, and most likely will help the care provider better assess the resident's potential for admission. Physician's Report (Form)
An analysis on a meal to determine how much was consumed. Plate Waste Study One Meal Analysis
A form used for pre-employment physicals, includes sections for the Administrator, Applicant, and Physician to complete. Pre-Employment Health Screening Report
The best of ProvidersWeb's Report Forms in eBook form.  ISBN 1-889226-25-4 ProvidersWeb's "Report" Forms eBook - ISBN 1-889226-25-4
Table of contents of ProvidersWeb's ProvidersWeb's "Report" Forms TOC
Area review to assure that your facility has a high quality activity program in place. Quality Assurance Area Review Report
Information and instruction on replying to a State Inspection Report or Civil Monetary Penalties (CMP) for Residential Care and Assisted Living Facilities. Replying to an Inspection Report or CMP's
Form to record resident care plan progress. Resident Care Plan Progress Report
A form used to keep track of resident's residing in the facility on a daily basis for the month. Resident Census for Assisted Living Communities and Residential Care Homes
Form used to verify that all the required dietary forms and agreements have been completed. Resident Dietary Report for community based care homes and skilled nursing homes
This Resident Food Consumption Report Form is used to document what food item was mostly eaten by a resident, and what food item was not.  After completion turn into Dietary Supervisor and Facility Manager. Resident Food Consumption Report Form for Residential and Home Based Care
Form used by the owner/committee to follow-up on resident incidents in care facilities and nursing homes. Resident Incident Analysis
A form used by a Residential or Community Care Facility to follow-up on any unusual incidents, accidents, or even wandering away which involves a resident of the residental care facility. Useful tool for care staff. Resident Incident Follow Up Report for Care Facilities and Care Businesses
A form used by the Safety Committee for periodic checking and follow-up on safety issues. Safety Committee Report
A form used to track the rate of staff turnover. Staff Turnover Report
A form used by a Care Facility to obtain an immediate response to an urgent situation regarding a resident. Stat Status Report
Before the actual admission of a resident to the care facility, the Physician's Report or the Health Physical as required by the state must be completed by the resident's physician prior to admission.  The form should also be updated as the resident's needs change.  The standard is to at least update the Physician's Report annually in assisted living facilities, RCFE's, and other community based care homes.

Before the actual admission, the Physician's Report should be reviewed and checked for mistakes. Make sure the physician has completed the form properly and has signed a statement on the document that says something like: The Physician's Report
A form used to outline the timetable of an investigation in an accident or incidence regarding a resident or employee. For all types of care facilities and care businesses. Timetable of Investigation
Link to the government website for census reports.  This is helpful for care businesses to find out how many potential residents are living in your area.  Census reports are an important part of every business and marketing plan for residential care homes and assisted living facilities. US Government Census Reports
Report used for training volunteers. Volunteer Training Report
Form used to keep track of staff duties and work performed within the care facility during the day. Work Time Report - Daily
This document covers the requirement of the employee to record all hours worked and obtain approval for schedule changes. Work Time Reporting
This is a form to be used by administrative personnel when a workers comp claim is filed to document all the details of the claim. Workers Comp Administrative Report
A report used by a Care Facility for risk management, which is completed if a staff member makes an error and gives the resident the wrong medication. Wrong Medication Given Report
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