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Care Services > 00 eBooks > 02 Care Service Incontinency Handbook (18 docs)

02 Care Service Incontinency Handbook (18 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 02 Care Service Incontinency Handbook (18 docs) (18)

This form is used to document individual resident care and output.  This document is a helpful tool to provide to the doctor or nurse to help them get a better picture of the incontinency problem. 7-Day Incontinence Tracking Record
Form used to assess a resident's bladder and bowel functions. Bowel and Bladder Review
A good managed incontinence program is a must if you have residents with bowel and bladder incontinency. This downloadable eBook contains how to care for incontinent residents, and includes forms, policies and procedures. Excellent tool for any type of care facility dealing with incontinent residents. Care Service Incontinency Handbook eBook - ISBN 1-889226-30-0
Table of Contents for the Care Service Incontinency Handbook. Care Service Incontinency Handbook TOC
Introduction to the Care Service Incontinency Handbook. Care Services for Incontinency
Procedures for cleaning a resident's commode and/or urinals. Cleaning Commodes and Urinals
Symptoms and tips for dealing with constipation.  Many seniors suffer from constipation as a side effect of their use of prescription medications like painkillers and over-the-counter medications such as antacids. Constipation
When caring for several people that are incontinent a system needs to be set up.  This document covers a typical Dry Check and Change Policy
The importantance of fiber in residents diets.  Source:  FDA Fiber - Not Just for Constipation Anymore
Incontinent Care Policies and Treatment Guidelines.  This information is useful for training and inservices on incontinent care for residential care facilities.  The basic problem and treatment for each type of incontinence is described and link to other Policies Procedures for Residential Care & Assisted Living Facility staff. 

Bowel and bladder control are essential to the well being of the body.  Control aids with normal functioning in daily activities of living, maintenance of an independent life style, and continued social interaction.

Withholding fluids is NOT good for the resident or their urinary track system, therefore is not recommended.  In fact you can usually... Incontinence Care and Treatment Policy Procedure Residential Care Assisted Living
10 rules to providing incontinency care are covered.  Structured Programs to reduce incontinency are explained. Incontinence Care Service
Overview of incontinence, possible causes, treatments, symptoms and useful links.  This document helps the reader understand the basics of incontinency.  Good document for use in staff training. Incontinence Overview
This form is used to help discover and document all the different aspects of the incontinency care that is currently being provided. Incontinence Questionnaire
This document covers the definition, symptoms, and treatment of IBS.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is one of the Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Symptoms and dietary modifications to help relieve symptoms. Good advice for care givers in dealing with residents with IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndromes - Spastic Colon Dietary Tips
This document is about the proper procedures for handling of the residents' incontinent-contaminated laundry by facility staff.   

People/residents who are incontinent may need their laundry done everyday.  Urine or feces contaminated laundry must be brought to the laundry room for washing, sanitizing, drying, and return delivery.  Use laundry baskets; do not hold laundry against your body.

However, if the care service staff is providing proper care and doing scheduled Dry Checks, urine and feces accidents are less likely to happen, resulting in less laundry.  When improper incontinent care is given... Laundry Service for Incontinent Residents
Form to document resident's monthly bowel movements. Monthly Bowel Record
This is an excellent document which covers essential skin care information.  Tips on caring for the skin when someone is incontinent, bedridden, overweight, dehydrated, etc. are explained. Skin Care Policy
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