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Activity Manual > 06 Volunteer Management (18 docs)

06 Volunteer Management (18 docs)

Free Forms, caregiving, nursing forms, policies, Licensing, Training, Case Management, Home Care, Assisted Living, DD, MI, HCBS

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Documents in 06 Volunteer Management (18 docs) (18)

You need to find the right volunteer for the job. Screening and interviewing volunteers is essential. 

RULE NUMBER ONE:  Recruit the right volunteer for the job.  Be selective and make sure the potential volunteer and the job will fit together well.  The volunteer needs to have the ability to do the assignment. Interviewing and Screening Volunteers
Once you find your volunteers, or inherit volunteers from an existing program, you need to have a way of recognizing their efforts and to validate their work.

The volunteer program needs to be professional. The job of being a volunteer needs to be validated and explained. Volunteers must to understand the importance of the job and that they are doing something worth while. It is the Activity Director's job to make sure the work is satisfying and is a good experience for the volunteer. The volunteer's Keeping Volunteers
Make A Difference - Volunteers Needed
This document gives the Activity Director the basics of volunteer management.  It contains the Managing and Training Volunteers
The recommendations for Training and Orientation of Volunteers.

Time must be set aside for training volunteers.  The amount of training will depend on the assignment and the volunteer's ability to learn it.  Normally the general orientation should take about 3 hours.

It is the Activity Director's duty to make sure all volunteers are trained in the basic following information: (You may want to give them a certificate of completion once trained) Orientation and Training of Volunteers
Excellent information on the basics of recruiting volunteers, how to do it, and whom to target.

Recruiting Tips: Return all phone calls and inquiries immediately.
Schedule interviews and fill out all forms.  Lots of people can recruited for the volunteer program if the right techniques are used. Recruiting Volunteers
Supervision is required and there are specific areas to observe when supervising volunteers.  This file has supervision tips and problem solving ideas.

Ongoing Supervision
Always supervise the volunteer on a regular basis to determine how he/she is doing.  Ask him/her if there is any problem or concern that they can talk to you about.  Let him/her express his/her new ideas, viewpoints. Supervision of Volunteers
A sample cover letter used when replying to a potential individual or group volunteer. Used normally with the Thank You For Your Interest - Group
A sample cover letter used when replying to a potential individual or group volunteer. Used normally with the Thank You For Your Interest - Individual
An overview of the essential components you need for your activity program.

Basic Needs every program should have:

Job Information (Brochure), Typical Volunteer Program
Used to give Volunteers feedback on their performance.  Often required by the High School for student volunteers who are receiving class credit. Volunteer Evaluation Form
This is an easy to use form to help the Activity Director conduct the interview of the prospective volunteer. Volunteer Interview Form
This is an excellent form to create a basic job description for each volunteer job you create.  The volunteer should be given a copy during training. Volunteer Job Worksheet
Section narrative on Volunteer Management for the Activity Manual.

Volunteers are the backbone of the activity program.  It is essential to have an organized system for recruiting, screening, training, retaining and managing volunteers.  This manual has been designed to give you a simple way to manage your volunteers. Volunteer Management
Cover for section 6 of the Activities Manual Volunteer Management Cover
Good Example of the type of flyer or article the Activity Director can use to recruit a SPECIFIC type of volunteer.

Personal Benefits:  Happiness is contagious, the love and appreciation you give to the resident will be reflected back upon you.  Statistics prove volunteers live 20% longer. Volunteer Position Announcement
It is important for the Activity Director to survey their volunteers to gather their input, where changes need to be made to the Volunteer Program.

I volunteered for this position because:

Do you feel you were properly trained?

What do you like best about volunteering? Volunteer Quality Assurance Survey
Report used for training volunteers. Volunteer Training Report
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