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This section presents answers to frequently asked questions regarding the ProvidersWeb service. Please select as item from the menu at left for help on various topics.

If you need further assistance or support, you may also contact ProvidersWeb.

Care Provider Industry

How do I get a license in my state?
Check your state’s regulations.

For more specific information, you can get assistance by becoming a ProvidersWeb subscribing member. We have most of what you will need to complete your licensing packet. In addition, if you are a paid member and need help, we will assist you.

How much does it cost to get licensed?
That will depend on the state. Usually the cost is under $600 for all the paperwork processing. Many state licensing agencies also require you to have 3 months operating costs in the bank before you open. Obviously, this does not include building and supply expenses, staff expenses and the like.

How long does it take to get licensed?
In most states, 4 months to a year.

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Documents & Content

There are a lot of documents! How can I find the information I'm looking for?
Try using our search tool. You can quickly scan all documents for any combination of keywords, an exact phrase, and even perform natural language queries for words that are similar to those you entered. It’s best to search “Titles Only” if you get too many files.

How can I keep track of the documents I use?
ProvidersWeb automatically maintains a history of the documents each subscribing member uses. To view this information, visit My Account Activity and click the 'Show all documents accessed' option. You will see a complete list of the documents you have displayed or downloaded, in the order they were accessed (with the most recent at the top).

How can I tell if anything has changed?
ProvidersWeb will publish updated versions of its documents. To check whether anything you are using has been modified, visit My Account Activity and click the 'Show updated documents only' option. You will see a summary of any documents you use that have been revised since you last accessed them.

How do I modify a form, policy or procedure?
You can't modify the content of our documents, but will be able to add your facility's letterhead to many of the forms. To suggest modifications, or to submit your own procedures or forms, please contact the ProvidersWeb Team Members with details. We will consider them for publication so that all members may benefit.

How do I inform ProvidersWeb about potential clarifications, corrections or errors in content?
ProvidersWeb makes every effort, of course, to thoroughly review all content for accuracy. In the event we have missed something, please contact our editors - we really appreciate the help.

How can I submit material for publishing on ProvidersWeb?
Please contact the ProvidersWeb Author's Circle with a brief summary of your ideas and qualifications. We will be in touch to discuss your contribution and will provide instructions on how to submit additional materials.

How do I suggest ideas for future content or product development?
We are always happy to receive feedback from our customers on how to make ProvidersWeb even better. Please send us your ideas so we can work to solve your unmet needs.

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Web Site

Why am I having trouble downloading and viewing documents?
You must have at least version 5 of Adobe Reader software. We highly recommend that you download the latest version from Adobe (it's free). Also, make sure that there is nothing in your browser, internet connection or firewall settings that would prevent you from downloading Adobe Acrobat documents (those with a .pdf extension).

How do I suggest a web site link be added to ProvidersWeb, or report a broken link?
Send us your feedback and we'll look into it. We are always looking for valuable resources for our customers and make every effort to keep these links current.

Who do I tell about problems using ProvidersWeb on my computer?
Please contact our technical support team with a detailed description of the problem.

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Subscribing Members

How can I get a deal on multiple subscriptions?
ProvidersWeb offers discounted pricing for groups or other multiple-subscription purchases. For details, please contact our sales team with a description of your requirements and we'll get back to you with a customized quote.

Who do I contact if I am having difficulty with my credit card, billing statement, or want to make an alternate form of payment (check, invoice)?
For all payment and billing related enquiries, please contact our accounting department for assistance.

Why has my account been disabled?
ProvidersWeb reserves the right to suspend the account of any member for activities it considers in breach of our terms and conditions. Similarly, subscribing members may be prevented from publishing a profile in the Providers Showcase or accessing Community Forums. If you think this restriction is unjustified, please contact us to discuss the situation.

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If you need assistance or would like to become a member with the assistance of a Customer Service Representative, please contact us at customerservice@providersweb.com (messages usually answered in 1 to 2 working days)

(209) 736-2733 (messages answered usually within 2-3 working days)

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